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    ش دعوة؟ ====è what invitation?
    ماعندك سالفة ====è you don't have a story!!
    سعيد كتب كتابه على فيفي ====è happy wrote his book on in in
    مو فاضيلك ====è i'm لا empty for u
    حاسب يابني ====è my son ,, calculate!!
    مابقى إلا هي عااااد ====è لا hing left but it baaack
    روووح مناااك ====è go from there
    قم بس قم ====è stand up just stand up
    ورنا عرض اكتافك ====è show us your shoulders width
    الرجال وعدني وخلاص طق صدره ====è the man promised me and he already hit his chest
    صـرّف عمـرك ====è spend yourself
    كلـك ملـح واللـه ====è all of you salt
    رز وجـهـه ====è he rice his face
    وجـــع ====è pain
    عطـنا وجـه يا بوالشـباب ====è give me face father of guys
    صـح لســانك ====è correct your tongue
    عـلى بـالـه ====è on his mind
    و بعـديـن يعـنـي؟ ====è and 2 afters meaning?
    وش الـزبـدة ====è what is the butter
    يا شـيـن النـفـس و بس ====è oh ugly face and only
    إيـه هـيـّـن عـاد ====è yes easy back
    كثر منها ====è Do more from it
    You don’t have idea ====è ماعندك سالفة
    God bless the old time ====è الله يرحم زمان أول
    I am لا easy ====è انا ماني سهل
    If he doesn't know the eagel..he must broiling it ====è اللي ما يعرف الصقر يشويه
    Early on you ====è بدري عليك
    you are digestive ====è أنت مهضوم
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  3. SamiAlganhey

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    [gdwl]Thanks ISLAND_LOVE,
    for the useful post,
    Thanks Again
    Sami Alganhey
    سامي الجانحي
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    Thank you ISLAND_LOVE
    for a wonderful sentence
    keep it up
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    Funny nice sentences, thanx 4 posting them
    you are digestive Island_love:D