New victims of violation to human rights in Yemen.

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    Prisoner’s of opinion
    New victims of violation to human rights in Yemen.

    To all organizations of human rights in Yemen, Arab world, the entire world, Official and international reports ,that deal with human rights in Yemen , did not reflect too much of human rights abuses in Yemen, the way they take place in reality
    Many facts are still unknown to international and local organizations that deal with human rights because of police security that spread its elements all over Yemen. They have the force, the money and the press to hide the facts.
    The police security officers are deliberately violating human rights by committing the crime of kidnapping and arresting civilians and throwing them in secret unknown jails without telling their families , advocators or the activists who used to defend human rights. The last victims are Teacher Yahya Hussien Al-Dailami and Mohammed Ahmed Muftah.
    These two victims have been apprehended by disguised security elements, without any judicial order on 9.9.2004 and on 16.9.2004.
    A great number of writers, journalists and educators have expressed denounce to the humiliation two teachers Al-Dailamy and Muftah were exposed to, the two teachers are very well known for their straight behavior and their good manners as they are mosque preachers in Ziedi sects in Yemen.

    The apprehension of Al-Dailami and Muftah the prominent religious teachers came after a wide numerable campaign on Al Ziadia sect after the unjust war, which has been waged lately in Saada region against Hussien Al- Huthi.
    In the last months, the violations agains the expression freedom led to prevent Al –Shura news paper from publishing for six months and closed its offices, and sentencing its editor-in-chief, Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani ,to one year in prison in a bizarre verdict. The police called many editors for questioning.
    They arrested also the famous author Mohammed Yahya Azzan and the Judge of Haraz region Mr. Mohammed Ali Loquman who was sentenced to ten years in jail out of the law. This campaign has been waged by the Armed Forces and the police to spread fear among the writers and press editors, the opposition parties and religious sect by the official speeches and media press.
    The teachers Al-Dailami and Muftah have been arrested without any judicial order and have been questioned in the political security office under the pressure and prevented from contacting their advocators who were prevented from attending the questioning session and their relatives were being beaten by the soldiers When they came to ask about their relatives.
    The first judgment session happened without informing the advocators of Al Dailamy and Muftah and up to this moment, the advocators could not read the prisoner’s Folders of accusation. The seventh session that took place on January 2005 without allowing anyone to attend ,which legally made this session out of the rule of law just because of their opinions and religious faith.
    The self-expression freedom in a peaceful way is a right for everyone and we should defend it. They are teachers of Ziedia sect, which is not a crime according to Yemeni constitution. This sect has been established in Yemen more than 1200 years ago, as well as it is not an aggressive sect and respects the mind and the people. The Yemeni constitution does not offend Zeidia, and the international announcement for human right supports this moderation of our constitution.
    This question should raise the interest of international and local organizations especially the Arabic, Islamic and International associations that are responsible for defending human right.
    Please send letters of solidarity to whom it may help those prisoners get just, open prosecution without any interventions from the political security, and allow their advocators to read their questioning folder

    Defendant of human rights and Freedom.
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