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    did you know that in American English ...

    METAL and MEDAL are both pronounced similiarly where the [t] and [d] sounds
    are actually pronounced with what's linguistically called a tap .. which's almost like
    an [r] sound, but not a full one. 1

    you can only see the difference in pronounciation when you
    add a suffix like METALLIC or MEDALLION
    that's when you can actually pronounce the [t] and [d] 1

    And if that's not enough, think about the words PRINCE and PRINTS
    do you think they sound the same ?? well, you might actually pronounce the [t] but
    an American native speaker would probably not. I have to tell you, though, that
    even native speakers do not know that they pronounce them the same. They only
    realize it when you bring the point up to their attention. 1

    anyway, I hope I made sense

    Yallah ... my regards

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    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]thank you so much brother for clearing this to us
    and would like to add a point to you rs
    as you said that METAL and MEDAL are both pronounced similiarly
    ''table'' and ''label'' .
    ''medal'' and ''meddle''

    ''apple'' and ''chapel''
    are all pronounced similiarly this in the amrican english

    again brother thanks
    please accept all my regards

    you rs

    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]there is never wrong time to do something right [/grade]
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  5. ديلو

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    [align=left]mmmm .. now that's a point to stop by

    I forgot answering your question .. No I didn't know that before :D

    thanks for that

    :) Waleed
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    just to reserve a spot
    I'll be back