the unjust is worse than the jew

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  1. shaddad

    shaddad عضو

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    it is of a great concern to me to know that among
    us there are those who accuse others of indecent
    character and behavior based on unfounded evidence.
    how in the world that those who confess to be muslims and of arabian ancestry have the audacity to accuse others of such indecent behavior?
    if the accuser is a real man, then he should bring the evidence against the accused. otherwise that individual should remain silent.
    if the accuser does not reveal himself, then we all know that he is a woman and not a man.
    whoever accuses any member of our counsel should be held accountable for his irresponsible accusation.
    Mr. OFF on the internet had accused one of our members of being a gang member.
    Mr. OFF is out of context and must be punished for his accusation./
    i suggest that the entire counsel ask Mr. OFF for a proof of his accusation.
    otherwise we should reject all accusations on face value.

    happy holiday
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  3. ghareeb

    ghareeb عضو فعّال

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    Hello brother Shaddad,,,
    It is nice to hear from you as a new member. in this yemeni club,,,,
    I will talk to you again,
    Bye for now