Interpersonal intelligence

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    Interpersonal intelligence

    Every one in this world has several kinds of intelligence but there is a stronger intelligence then others. I have mathematics intelligence, and linguistic intelligence but I feel that my interpersonal intelligence is more stronger than the other. If I look to one of my friends , I will find out that he has different intelligence than mine , he might has spatial intelligence as stronger one , and interpersonal intelligence as a weaker one. As we see that people in society have many different kinds of intelligence which make our society balanced . in this essay I would like to talk about my interpersonal intelligence in three sides, how do I discover that I am sociable , how this intelligence influence in my life, and how can I use this intelligence in my feature career.

    First of all , I grow up in the small village where the people were very friendly and nice. The people in this village are very close to each other As every member in my family. My father is very sociable and friendly. He likes to make friendships with every one in the village, so every body likes and respects him. I think the life in this village influence me to be sociable and friendly like my father. I remembered when I visited my village last summer how the people were happy that I came back to them and I tried to visit them in their houses. They always remind me that I am very sociable and friendly like my father .

    Second, I think this interpersonal intelligence make influence in my life. When I came to united states of America I thought that intelligence is going to decline because I am coming to new culture, new people and new language . everything is new for me. This strong intelligent that I have doesn’t work in this big society, I was sociable and friendly in my home town but not any more in this strange society . in the first three menthes I was afraid to talk to people , I was scared to make friendships with others , and I couldn’t make jokes with the other student in my class. After three months every thing is change. I did what I was doing in my home town . I feel that I am more sociable and friendly then I was in my village. Now I have a lot of American people friends and a lot more from other countries. Every week I meet with my friends and talking to them. Every weekend we are going to play soccer and watching movies together. I have one evidence that I am sociable and friendly, all of my cousins who came to the states before me have a few American friends then I have. I am exited that I got back my sociability in this friendly state.

    The last thing I would like to talk about is how can I use this intelligence in my work life. As you know that I am international student who look forward to get a bachelor degree in political science . I strongly believe that my stronger intelligence will help me a lot in that filed of study. The political world today needs sociable and friendly people who can bring a lot of people in their side to succeed in this world. I hope I can reach my goal with my interpersonal intelligence.

    In summary, as you are in this world today you have to have a strong intelligence which make you more successful in your life. As a person in this society you should work hard to figure out what strong intelligence you have . and you should work hard to increase and develop that igenintellce