al3seeb ..will promise you ..but never forgote him

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    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]Dearest brothers ,sisters (friends )
    Iam really very sad that I have to get stop
    To get stop from my home .. from my lovely friends
    Dear friends hope to read it ….for give me if i had done something wrong with any one
    …..before I decide to leave …I was and I swear crying ..i don’t know something inside moved ..and tell why .. but its dilemma ..for it ..i have to be
    also I have exams ..and I have to get ready for it

    me I ask something ..if you do agree about it I will be thanksful to you all
    can we do stop THE GD group discussion till I come back
    can make 3GD fix till I come back
    And sorry for every thing ..and really I got so much information from you
    All dear friends al3seeb will promise you that he will come by new things

    Please for give me today especially I cant write

    With all my loves to you

    mask al3seeb

    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]there is never wrong time to do something wrong [/grade]