The Price Of Freedom

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    [align=left]THE PRICE OF FREEDOM

    This article is a translation of a recent interview of a victim of the US brutality at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq.

    This is a true story which is a plea by a victim for her story to be heard. The victim is Nadia who is a young unmarried woman living in Baghdad. This incident occurred over 5 months in 2004:

    “It all started when I was visiting my relatives in Baghdad. While I was there American marines raided the house to search for weapons allegedly stored in the house. Unfortunately they found a number of light weapons and because of this everybody in the house was arrested, including me. I tried to explain to the Iraqi translator accompanying the marines that I was only visiting them but this was to no avail.

    I cried and I begged until I became unconscious. I can vaguely remember travelling in the pickup truck which took me to the Abu Gharib prison”. Nadia continues…

    “They put me in a dirty and dark cell alone and I assumed that the period of my captivity will be short because once my case is investigated my innocence will be apparent.

    The first day was difficult and I was not used to the disgusting smell as it was humid and the darkness engulfed my fear inside rapidly. The laughter of the soldiers outside the cell made me feel nervous and scared. I was terrified of what was awaiting me and for the first time I felt that I had entered the dark world, which was to change my life forever.

    A female Arabic speaking American soldier thought it was strange for a woman like me to be smuggling weapons for the Iraqi resistance. I tried to explain but she started beating me. I cried and shouted “by Allah I am innocent by Allah I am innocent” but she showered me with swears that I cannot repeat. She started to make fun of me and told me that that she had been watching me through satellite surveillance and knew exactly what I had been up to. She even said that she had even seen me having *** with my husband. I told her that this was rubbish as I was not married.

    Upon my telling the soldier that I was not married she again started to beat me for approximately an hour and then forced me to drink a cup of water which I later realised had been drugged. After two days or so of unconsciousness I woke up to find myself naked and thus realised that I have lost something that no power on earth will be able to bring back to me. I had been raped! When it dawned upon me what had happened I became hysterical and I stared banging my head on the wall until more than 5 men, who was lead by the female soldier came into the cell and started to beat me until I lay helpless on the floor. The male soldiers then each in turn raped me while loud music played in the background. For the next few days the same scenario was repeated, I was raped on almost a daily basis with each incident increasing in brutality”.

    Nadia adds in describing the gruesome actions of these American criminals

    “… after almost a month of hell a black American soldier came into my cell and threw a two piece American uniform and said in broken Arabic to wear it. I was taken to another room wearing a plastic bag over my head. The soldier asked me to have a shower and then left. He shortly after returned to rape me. I tried to resist by striking him on his face with a plate which enraged him. He then raped me more brutally. Once he had finished with me he took me back to my cell.

    This treatment continued in this manner to the extent that I was raped 10 times in a day which had a terrible effect on my mental and physical health”. Nadia continues:

    “After more than 4 months in the Abu Gharaib prison a female solder, called Mary, came to tell me that I now had a golden opportunity to be released if I co-operated. I was told that the prison was expecting visitors of high military rank. Having been through what I had been through I knew that this meant sexual favours. I refused which in turn led the female soldier to shout at me. She told me that if I did not co-operate I would never see the light of day. She then took me to the showers where she viciously beat me with a baton.

    The soldier gave me a box of make-up and told me that I must make an effort for the visitors. She warned me from crying so that I do not spoil the make up. She then escorted me to a small room, which was empty except for a mattress on the floor. After an hour she came back with four soldiers who had video cameras the female soldier then started to attack me as if she was a man while the other soldiers laughed and played loud music to muffle my screams. The soldiers raped me while the female soldier took a gun from her colleague and fired 4 shots near my head and swore that the 5th bullet would enter my head if I did not do what I was told. I was helpless. After that the 4 soldiers turns in raping me to the extent that I lost conscious. I woke up to find myself in my cell and the traces of scratches, teeth marks and cigarette burns all over my body.”

    At this point Nadia stopped telling her story due to the huge distress it causes her. She wipes her tears then continues.

    “After one day Mary came to tell me that as I had been co-operative that I was going to be released, but after I had watched the movie made by 4 soldiers”.

    She adds, “I saw the footage with pain, she was repeating you [Muslims] have been created so we can have fun with you” at this moment I was struck with rage and attacked her. If the soldiers had not intervened I would have killed her. And as soon as the soldiers released me she started beating me and then they all left, nobody came near me for more than a month which I spent in salah and supplicating to Allah that He may release me from this hell.

    Then Mary came to me with a number of soldiers and they gave me the clothes that I was wearing when I was arrested, they loaded me into an American car and they threw me onto a road with 10,000 Iraqi dinars. I made my way to a relatives house who was astonished to find me alive as I was told that during my absence my brother had made a janaaza for me more than 4 months ago and had presumed that I was dead”.

    Nadia asks with pain, bitterness and sorrow…”who will give me back my honour? who will heal my sorrow inside of me?, what was my crime in all of this?, what was the crime of my family? What will I do about this child that is growing inside of me, whose father is the enemy”

    This article appeared on the website, in Arabic. A copy of the original article is prepared overleaf. The article has been translated into English for the benefit of non-Arabic speaking persons so that Nadia’s story can be heard by a wide audience. Please distribute this article to others, Muslims and non-Muslims so that people can see hear about the daily atrocities and a gross abuse of human rights inflicted on the innocent people of Iraq.
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    Oh my god, this is an assasination of her honour and her nobel life.We always expect such a dirty actions from the american pigs
    they want to avenge themselves based on the past history as old struggles with muslims;In addition, the jews' role in this side is always obvious
    what really relight the fire of anger in their bodies is that islam maintain the strenth of its basics permenantly, they want to breakthrough this islamic hurdle which considered a big danger to them ,however islam is a very peaceful religion
    it's kind of war but interact with the age changes
    thanks brother for attributing
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    The Pig Dirty Brown Noser Troops do interested in sniping non-military targets. We are all should fight them, even if we wounded to the death
    Thanks Brother...