male &female

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Dec 18, 2000
on this planet there is a strange creature....called
"woman"....came to the life after the man..but came to pull him from the
heaven....,about the man & the woman there is an ancient chinese theory
says..this world is contains of 2 parts..Yin and Yang..:
yin...have all these
and yang have these things:positive,day,light,logical,hardness...
though I think they were wrong about adding that soft word to
yin....Dr.Seuss was describing that female by talking about the diffrent
kinds of one fish,two fish,red fish,blue fish:))
we see them come..
we see them go..
some are fast..
and some are slow..
some are high..
and some are low..
not one of them..
is like another..
don't ask us why..
((:)go ask ur mother
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