If Trump cancel the nuclear deal with Iran

ابن نفل

فيصل الكثيري (رحمه الله)
24 مارس 2002

If Trump cancel U.S. on the Iran deal he would indeed be the madman who will start a great Middle East war. The war will be bloody but in the end all U.S. forces in the region will be destroyed. Israel will be in the war of course and it will take a big hit as well.1

But here is the contradiction. The only way to stop the madmen of Trump and Bibi is to destroy them in a Middle East war. It's Hitler all over again. Stalin understood this.2

If Trump actually ordered his first war, war on Iran, militarily or economically, then Russia and even China will come to its rescue. This is for sure. The question is whether any part of Europe will join in the Yankee-Jew war on the Mullah. Quite unlikely given France, Germany and UK position on the deal. Hell, they might even help Iran! 3

So let's go Trump. Cancel U.S. on the Iran deal. Start your war. You won't need approvals from Congress or UN Security Council. Your power is total. You need this war to divert attention from your enemies at home. You can count on your ally Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud have done a great job wiping out its enemy in Yemen. It's a cakewalk.4



الجهاز الإداري
14 يونيو 2005
Don't worry...NOTHING will happen...it is a