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    Out of my feeling about this silence, I found it a great chance to write in English since I am not annyoying anyone by that. I am typing now nothing but some scattered emmotions coming from nowhere. I have been in this club for more than 6 months and at first I found some big and thinking minds. I could not keep up with them at first. But i discovered something very strange in here and all of us may have noticed that. No one can complete a whole year in this club, and it iseems to me that there is a reason behind that. We used to have Thi Yazan, Yemen, Derhem Jobary and god is the only one who knows how much i was lurking around this place looking for weakness, or hole to write something in a neglected coner so no one can see it or feel what i have written. I am not up to their level of cultural knowledge or thinking perspectives. My pen feels small everytime it writes anything in here. I am losing a lot by living in non-arabic society, and most in the side of values and good souls. I have found a lot in this club and i can't tell them how much i love and like them and their big minds..

    Because i don't know what I am writing, i can't tell you what is my point. You guess, because of fasting, maybe; feeling bad, possible, missing something, probably . But this question kept tuning in my mind. Why Poetry corner in this club. I am fan of arts and potry and I don't remember i have forgetten any verse of peotry i read carefully since my promary school. I am not majoring in Arabic language to be here and i don't have to be. My relief from theorems , long uneding problems and cruel teachers and all bad things you can imagine for someone away from his soul roots is this club. I know exactly and no one have to tell me that, iam talknig nonesense and i know that,, but what is this silence. yemeni club is one of the best among all arabic clubs on the net and it helps me a lot in froming my Arabic knowledge as i claim to have. So, a little time before sunset i found myself expressing its wonder in this corner and i prefer that in English for a reason. I don't want anybody to be here working for people and wrting for people and i know that most of the time you don't find that enough reading has been given to your precious topic, there are many advantages though. At least we are learning something , me.
    I know most of you are only masks and they are great artist, in themselves if not in the society, but we I don't think it is more precious for us to to get some of your knoweldge.
    call this as you want, call it nothing but its bunch of letters. call it insane talking but it is not going beyond the limit. Call it some ecnryption material ,, ambigious as its writer , if he is up to be called writer, but it is readable stuff. No rules of writing I has to follow here, coz i am not writing for Dr. Juosh or Prof. Jordan. I am wrting to my soulmates in the Yemeni club and I am having a lot of fainals this week, but I alloted some time for this club in anyway. No cause behid that because i can't find it. If you want to find it , go back and ask Qais, was laila the only wonen that has magic eyes? .. Ask any father or mother why they are fond of their child, the will answer you innately , he is our child, and that is very very simple answer. Why, isn't your child one of the human beings who deserve love and affection, why he? Then get stumbled, no answer, and they will honor you by the name of (Maskeen) May god have mercy on his soul. I hope you won't ask me why after this, I just found myself expressing my nothing that turned ou to be something. Days and weeks,, crazy talk going on out there,, and this club of poetry and arts is empty cying its eyes over its unluckiness. All of us have something to do and it is not our job to keep it up, but I am always being corious and talking about something none of my business.
    I know that I am hurting only some people who have been patient enough to complete reading so far and that is very good. Consider it trainging on typing skills. Life is simple, LEARNING and this is kind of learning.
    take care and sorry for the mess.
    I did not go over it again to look for the errors, please excuse them and they are a lot, and I am begging you to look humanely to the complicated emotions behind this, not critically ; looking for errors and wrong places for punctuatoin.