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  1. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

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    Isn't our history what we read
    Can't we find there what we need
    Can't we be like Khalid bin Waleed
    Osama bin Zeyd or Harun ar-Rasheed
    Salahudeen or even Sultan Abdul Hameed
    We gotta be like them for Islam to lead
    Otherwise, we be watchin each other while we bleed
    And our sistas will always get raped
    Can't we plant the Prophet's (saaw) seed
    And defend it from all the other weeds
    Yes we can, but its our iman we should feed
    Our iman before anything else is the way to proceed

    Do we stand up all the night
    Do we judge the qur'an
    On what's wrong and what's right
    Do we see with Allah's (swt) light
    So how do we expect to win this fight
    We're not gonna win without Allah's (swt) might

    Check out Islam's first generation
    Look at how they builded Islam's nation
    Their only source was Allah's (swt) revelation
    In the mornings their swords do the action
    And all the night for Allah (swt) they're in prostration

    While we're here with a weak or without iman
    Let alone to unsheath swords for Islam
    Did we submit to our enemy did we surrender to satan

    Allah's (swt) promised victory
    Only comes when we deserve it
    And if we turn away
    Its easy for Allah (swt)
    To exchange us without we notice it

    Can't we just follow our Prophet's (saaw) Sunnah
    Can't we stand up for the revival of this Ummah

    Can't we unite and become one body
    Can't we back up each other just like a family
    It sounds easy, huh? but can we


    Yo it's time for the Khilafah's arrival
    Time to destroy its fake revivals
    Just prepare the world for the Khilafah
    And forget the word 'Survival'

    Yo it's time for declaring our state
    Time to show them kaffirs their fate
    Islam will rise up with nothing else to rate
    No more dialogues with a Kaffir
    No more Allah (swt) doubting debates
    Let them know that only in Allah (swt) we love and hate
    Now go chop-chop some heads... but wait
    Yea we gave them chances.. no more going back.. it's too late

    yo time has come to rise for islam
    even if that means usin some bombs

    yo time has come for all muslims to be soldiers of allah
    even if that means choppin heads of those who support da Kuffar


    Don't ask us why you taste our blade
    You've been toturing our brothers
    While you were resting under the shades
    Now check our revenging raids
    Ooh now who's gonna give ya some aid
    Islam is coming back.. it's time for you to fade


    we're da soldiers of allah not puppets of the west
    even if you put da sun in our right and da moon in our left

    We're the Qutubiyoon
    Qassamiyoon Azzamiyoon
    Al-Muhajiroun and Al-Ansar
    Lions of the desert
    Just like Omar Al-Mukhtar
    We're a youth who imitates Abu Bakr and Omar (ra)

    we don't give a care about what you do to us
    if you crush us between rocks like Bilal
    or boil us to death for doing whats halal
    you might torture us like Sayyid Qutub
    for keepin our treasure of Islamic Kutub (books)
    but you can never reach into whats in our hearts
    even if you shed our heart-atoms apart
    we're soldiers we reach islam and teach

    brothers see us all dressed up in red
    our swords choppin off kaffirs' head
    sisters see us in white like da sahabah
    sittin in halakas strengthenin our taqwah
    but you kaffirs see us in black
    like monsters in attack

    All this time we've been living under the shade of the Qur'an
    All this time we've been building and strengthening our Iman

    Now we're out
    With a BIG islamic shout

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  3. العسيب

    العسيب مشرف سابق

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    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]«®°·.¸.•°°·.¸¸.•°°·.¸.•°®»brother the right world is not like tha last «®°·.¸.•°°·.¸¸.•°°·.¸.•°®»[/grade] ....

    [grade="FF4500 4B0082 0000FF 000000 F4A460"]عزيزي واريد ان اسالك سؤلا ولو تزعل مني.... ليش ماتروح تجاهد مادام وانت متحمس هكذا [/grade]
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  5. Dilemma

    Dilemma مشرف سابق

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    Our forefathers, or the prophet’s companions were strong and faithful to Allah because of their seeking for death ( martyr). Then, it’s normally to see them controlling the whole world in the name of Allah.
    However, the recent generation do seeking for endless life here in the first rubbish world ( lower world ).
    Thanks brother Jameel.
    Yours truly, Dilemma
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  7. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

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    thanx a lot for making this point so clear and thanx for your support for Jihad
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  9. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

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    at least i support the jihad and the mojadeen by my words

    ماضٍ ، وأعرف ما دربي وما هدفي>>>>> والموت يرقص لي في كل منعطف

    وما أبالي به حتى أحاذره <<<<<<<<<<<< فخشية الموت عندي أبرد الطرف

    ولا أبالي بأشواكٍ ولا محنٍ >>>>>>>>> على طريقي وبي عزمي ، ولي شغفي

    أنا الحسام ، بريق الشمس في طرفٍ مني>>>>>> وشفرة سيف الهند في طرف

    ورب سيل لحون سال من كلمي>>>>>>> ورب سيل جحيم سال من صحفي

    أهفو إلى جنة الفردوس محترقاً >>>>>>>>> بنار شوقي إلى الأوفياء والغرف
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  11. Dilemma

    Dilemma مشرف سابق

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  13. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    Welcome back brother JAMEEL
    what an outstanding post u came out with;sensible and touching words
    masterpiece indeed
    thanks for your positive share bro
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  15. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

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    May Allah سبحانه و تعالى protect you all from the fitnah of this filthy world, and I ask Allah سبحانه و تعالى to make us all among the ones in alFirdaws ala2la with prophets and the martyrs

    Jaazakum Allaahu khaayran
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  17. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    terrorist rap
    is not compatible with islam
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  19. عــاهد

    عــاهد مشرف سابق

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