Down , Down Bush

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    [grade="00BFFF 4169E1 0000FF"]size=3][grade="8B0000 FF0000 FF7F50"][align=left]Dear US Ambassador in Sanna & Baghdad

    After nine days of eleven in Najaf .What is the next
    Baghdad ,Basrah ,Karbala or may be Mosul and what is then. Where Americans go in Iraq .and Why?The Iraqi people asking.
    No politics under occupation, no freedom under occupation, no democracy under occupation, and Allawi Saddam government must step down .
    " Iraqis people said; U.S troops and the others must leave our country now not tomorrow .And stop the Attacking on the holy city of Najaf and the other cities in Iraq please .Iraq now is worst than in the times of Saddam Hussein. Iraqis are suffering at the hands of the Americans more than they suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein.
    We are the Iraqis whom their land are burned and their families are killed because of Bush and Blair war against our country.No more killing for Iraqis.Why do you prefer to keep silent! Why don't you speak out?
    Iraq is for Iraqis first, and for Iraqis last who should live free in democracy without of Saddam and US troops.

    Georg w. Bush you are a Cowboy. My respect to good americans

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  3. Dilemma

    Dilemma مشرف سابق

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    Although we are all sorry for what is happening in Iraq nowadays,
    we are happy for what is happening to the occupied countries.
    America leads the whole world to no where, I mean, America loses more than what we can imagen.
    People in Iraq shoudn’t suffer becouse of the genocide commiting by the American troops, they must suffer becouse of their different ethinc group, working in separation ways.
    It is a dilemma bro.
    Anyway, very soon America and its savage countries are gona pay, a heavy bill. That is the latest news.

    Thanx bro.