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    Your ways have always inspired me
    to do the very best I can.
    Your love has influenced me greatly,
    in becoming the person that I am.
    My small, helpless body entered your life,
    as like a chunk of clay.
    You nurtured it unselfishly,
    and molded it faithfully,
    each and every passing day.

    You were the one with all the answers,
    The one I turned to most.
    You taught me pride in all I do,
    no matter what the cost.

    My tears, they didn't last for very long,
    because you would quickly wipe them all away.
    They would vanish as suddenly as the sun,
    upon a cloudy day.

    Not many people know you, as I,
    for you have never hungered for fortune or fame.
    But, in my eyes, you shine brighter than any diamonds or gold,
    and I love you, all the same.

    The happiest days of all,
    are those of childhood, most folks say.
    I am so fortunate to have had a Mom like you,
    and it is like you, Mom, I hope to be someday.[/SIZE
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    thanks man