Get a Golden, silver Pen in easy way

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    Are you a little member?
    Do you want to get a higher defination for your writing? I mean, to get a Golden, Silver Pen or an Active Member in easy way!
    You do not have the abilty to write a usefull topic, becouse, it is usually long and complicated, and needs a strong search to find out the trouth.
    It is easy,
    Simply,I am here to help you.
    The shorttest and the easiest way is by playing games in the English Forum " let's play a game","let's play with words"and"مسابقة انجليزية".will help you!!!!!!!!
    Sure you can get it, just try.
    No one will realize that you got the Golen Pen when playing a game.
    I'm is a very big dilemma!!!!!
    I mean, I must respict all the members, especial those who have got a big title to thier nick names, but, have they all write useful toipcs? or just a pretty little down percint of them ??!!where as, the rest keep playing games.
    Really it is a big dilemma,
    I beleive that a larg number of the members have got their titel, when playing a game, and the rest who I want their advice are not well knowen.
    this leads me to this question.. can we solve this dilemma?
    bro. Dilemma