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    [align=left][align=left]To my dear Arab brothers and sisters
    You have touched my heart in ways that you cannot even begin to
    imagine. I have received so far several hundreds of letters from
    people like yourself. Your letters have left me speechless. They
    exploded my heart and left me numb. I don't know how to respond.
    They are still flooding in. Your words have affected me forever. I
    feel so humble in front of you. I wish I could respond to every
    single one of you separately but the letters are far too many.

    I am under attack at my university. Some Zionist sent out a fake e-
    mail purporting to be from me to every faculty, staff, and
    administrator at the university. It was timed perfectly to land in
    everyone's inbox exactly on September 11. But I am fighting!!! As
    soon as I found out I put out word immediately that this is a hoax
    and professors and administrators are now standing behind me. I
    have been able to track down the perpetrator's origin to a Verizon
    DSL line in southern California. I am going to find him, sue him,
    and have him prosecuted for identity theft. We will resist!! It is
    only a matter of time. Never fear them!!

    Now, on to far more important matters. Your voices are loud and
    clear against this war. Out of these hundreds of letters I have
    received, only a tiny handful of correspondents sent me curses or
    objections of any kind. Of the curses, one is from an Arab
    American, and another sounds like an "Israeli" because I have the
    e-mail headers. Based on your letters, even including those, all of
    you having written on your own initiative, if what I have is a
    statistically accurate sample, some 97 percent of you are against
    any war on Iraq, 2 percent for it, and 1 percent neutral. So, those
    of you who wrote to me from Iraq: Take heart - the entire Arab
    world is with you overwhelmingly in opposing this criminal war that
    is being threatened against you.

    Some of you asked if I have an Internet site. I am sorry, but I
    don't have an Internet site, I don't have time for that. I try not
    to waste my time on worthless efforts that would only consume my
    energy but which could bring no result in the real world.
    Unfortunately, my articles are not on the Internet, for the most
    part - they are in books and journals - and besides, recent events
    have overtaken most of what I or anyone else has written. We must
    focus on the present danger and not allow ourselves to be diverted
    from it. But still I appreciate the interest. Please take heart in
    the fact that the words you have already heard from me are far more
    important than business-as-usual articles written during more
    mundane times than these, and I thank you so much for taking them
    to heart.

    A few of you however despite this still expressed hope that we
    could educate the American people, in particular regarding
    Palestine. That is a false hope. Please do not believe it. The
    American people do not want to be educated. They are ignorant and
    will always be. They are not ignorant because nobody has tried to
    educate them, but because they are too wrapped up in their small,
    routine little lives to care about what is happening outside their
    own immediate localities. They don't see how what their government
    does to people overseas affects them personally. They don't even
    see the connection after September 11. They don't have access to
    international media, and even if they did, they wouldn't watch it.
    So their heads get filled up with the hype that the people who hate
    the American government hate it because they hate freedom, not
    because of US arrogant history of interference in the lives of
    millions in the Middle East.

    American people prefer to watch Britney Spears and Michael Jackson
    than to bother with world affairs. And these are the people we are
    going to depend on to save the Arab peoples from the next round of
    US government aggression?!?! Forget about them. Please. It is up to
    the Arabs to prevent this war by denying them access to Arab
    territory or airspace, it is up to you only. It is not premature
    because if you speak now, it can affect the American decision. Do
    not depend on others who have no stake in it. Trust in yourselves,
    and trust in God.

    It is the Arab nation that must write its own future. As we say in
    the Christian religion, "God helps those who help themselves." I am
    sure the Muslim religion contains something similar. It is all
    about self-empowerment, and it is about self-reliance. Those
    foreign governments who act like friends can be treated as friends,
    but only as equals before God. And in no case should one nation
    become dependent on another for its future. It is particularly bad
    to become dependent on a people in a remote region of the world
    (America) whose government does not have the Arabs' interests at
    heart but only those of Zionism, and whose people have no reason to
    care about the situation there anyway, and certainly not as much as
    you must care about what happens to yourselves.

    For it is you, not America, who must live in this region. It is
    you, not America, who have the real power to decide your future. It
    is just that some people have had their hope deflated to the point
    where they can't see the power they already have, and because it is
    easier to rely on others which can then justify inaction by oneself
    to act on his own behalf. The Arab people have a great potential
    and don't need to depend on others to save them from the new storm
    clouds that are looming over Iraq. The Lebanese resistance did not
    need nor did it get any help from the US to liberate Lebanon from
    Zionist occupation forces and were successful even despite US hostility, and they faced indifference from the other Western countries. All they had was regional help only, from Syria and Islamic Iran, and that's all they needed to do the job. The Arab people and governments are capable of taking the initiative and saving themselves this time also, but they must do it together. When the US asks to use Arab bases, it becomes a matter of resolving to stand up and say: "No, absolutely not." There is a consensus among Arab leaders and peoples to stop this war, and thus it is they who must decide that this consensus of will and determination to save themselves will be made real on the ground.

    For those who asked what they should do, you know what to do.
    Anything that you can to make this war politically impossible to

    And lastly, to the persons who tried to send me the ILOVEIRAQ.exe
    files and the isr-heaven[1] file, you never even got close. I am a
    computer expert. I eat computer viruses for breakfast. I specialize
    in cleaning them out of my friends' computers. Nor am I stupid enough to open attachments. You should re-think your position and let some goodness touch your heart.

    Thank you all so much again for your great support. I will never
    forget, and I am with you every day as you work to stop this latest
    unprovoked aggression. Please, you have not much time.. Keep the
    spirit! Keep hope alive!!!

    Long live Palestine
    thawra hatta al-nasr

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