yemenis and gatt

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  1. western muslim

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    i am married to a yemeni and have been reading the comments about yemeni's and gatt i disagree with the way you pull your own people down no wonder the west and america can do it when your own people are doing it by the way i am not yemeni i am an english lady who as been married to my husband for eighteen years we are from liverpool and i dont know where the lady is from but here in liverpool there is a good community and its getting bigger and better but i now understand why the west and america think they can walk over the arabs its because there own people have shown them how too
    please let me know if anyone has any comments.
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    Hi western Muslimah ..
    Ok u have a point .. but ur kinda off just a bit .. 1
    a lot of yemeniz hate Qat in an unimaginable way
    and they have the right to .. in Yemen, Qat
    has destroyed many homes and families .. not
    to mention young men .. let alone continueing
    chewing it outside Yemen.. However, on the
    other hand, Qat is not all that bad at all..
    I lived in Yemen for 16 years and I chewed Qat
    in a regular basis .. it's not addictive or health-hazarding
    it's a way of getting together with ur friends.. 1
    it's a way to sit in lounges and gossip and perserve
    the arabic yemeni cultures and traditions .. instead of being somewhere else doing something most likely worse!

    So, I think that the statement that WE are making
    the west walk all over us is kinna ambigious, and thus
    unsuitable to be said like that ..
    Yes, there are some arabs (maybe yemenis) who
    disgrace the arab community as a whole
    and this is normal in any community in the world..
    not just in an Arab community .. you know they say
    "there's a bathroom in every house"

    So, if the Yemeni community near you is a good one .. 1
    that by no means means that the community near Mohagera is as good !!1

    After all, I'm very glad that u live in a good
    Yemeni community .. and that you care enough to
    talk about it and the Arabs in general ..
    but America is only walking all over us because
    SOME ARABS let them .. but NOT ALL ..
    so plezzzzzzzzz DO NOT GENERALIZE

    take care


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  5. western muslim

    western muslim عضو

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    t k i am sorry if i offended you but i went into a letter were there was a lady who seemed to be against the yemeni i myself have been to yemen and have seen the culture over there but as you say it has destroyed many families but you also say that its not addictive so therefore these people have let the gat destroy what they had my husband chews gat with every opportunity but our marriage is strong i understand that in yemen money isnt free like here but please dont get me wrong i nor condone or condem the people of chewing gat it must be left to the individual to decide what is best and enshallah they will chose the right way