the torture of the iraqi people

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  1. western muslim

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    i am from the west and over the last few weeks i am very angry and sad at what the west and america have disclosed about the prisoners that are being held i think it is disguisting that amember of the armed forces can sink this low and let the world know exactly what they are really like as i am from the west i would just like to condone what these people have done and to reassure all my brothers and sisters that we are not all like these people that most of us think that our prime minister was wrong to back america about going into these countries we marched against the war but we are but a few but we let them know exactly what we thought of these ideas i personally think that the foreign troops in iraq are in for a bad time and should never of been there in the first place
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    western .. all the turture of the
    Iraqi males was one thing .. and
    seeing the the Iraq Muslim women
    being raped by the cockroches disgusting
    low lives insects of troops was one thing..
    I'm gonna put the link here for anyone
    to see ..

    but I advise not to see because
    I know our hearts are gonna
    cry against what's happeneing
    to the Muslimat ..
    Allah yentaqim minhom