why is the world so against us (muslims

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    as a english muslim i watch the news with anticipation as more and more of the world seem to unite together against us muslims if something goes wrong its an arab terrorist
    but was the ira called irish terrorists no people just said they were fighting for there cause so what are we doing does the world think we should be like are goverments and let the jewish people destroy are brothers and sisters nfrom palestine,iraq afghanastanfor example when the americans went into afghanastan and so called liberated the people they took the hajabfrom the women but dont they understand that this is part of our religion thats being going longer than america

    if anyone would like to comment on any of these issues i am willing to discuss it
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  3. sammy

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    they are jealouses

    also we must act like real muslims

    in our behavoirs

    we must Act not Talk only

    it's media WAR and the others believe in what they see...even if it's fake like the american media...

    we must show the good things about us and the bad things in the western world....

    that's it's

    thanks for the subject

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    [color=660066]why is the world so against us ?!

    cause we r against ourselves........:([/color]