You Are Someone Special

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    To …..
    For being that someone special , who brings sunshine to brighten my days ..

    Who will forever cherish all your caring and heartwarming ways ..

    Special people are cherished people , whom we carry in our hearts wherever we go in life , and always remember them for their love and happy stride ..

    People who know how to willingly share , who know how to give and to care , who know how to let their warm feelings show , are people that others feel really lucky to know ..

    Finding people like you is a dream come true , because very few make the whole world seem brighter in the unique and wonderful way , you do ..

    There’s so much about you that’s nice to recall , you’re a wonderful person and above all , you make others happy by kind things you do , I’m lucky to know someone special like you ..

    You always seem to make others feel good and brighten their days in your own special ways and whatever you say or do , touches the heart of others . Especially me ..

    The world is so empty if one thinks only of everyday things , but to know a person like you who thinks so much of others , makes the world a better place to live in ..

    In the troubled world , its refreshing to find someone , who still has the time to be kind , who’s ready by thought , word or deed , to reach out a hand in the hour of need ..

    You really are special and everything you do , reflects the caring qualities so typical of you ,its such a great feeling to know you as you are , for you’re the nicest person by far ..

    To know you, is to know somebody special , because people nice as you are few and precious , who make life amazingly beautiful for others..

    I feel fortunate to know a special person like you , but I’m one of many who owe a lot of you , for all the nice things you do .. There’s certainly on one quite like you..

    For all the happiness you give , for all the times you show your care , you’re wished special love and many joyous moments in the days that lie ahead [/grade]
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  3. جراهام بل

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    Candle Of Hope

    outstanding post

    thanks for your immortal words

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  5. T_K

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    ipressive hope candle