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  1. المسعودي الاصيل

    المسعودي الاصيل عضو

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    [glow=9933FF]hi everybody
    failure phonomena is getting increased year after year speically in our universities >
    i request u kindly to tell me what are the reasons speically the psychological reasons which cause failure?
    another request : if anyone had made a research or study about this subject (the psychological reasons that cause failure to university students ) kindly send it to me >
    iam waiting >>>>>>
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    I don't know what university you attend Mohammad
    I'm in Stony Brook University in NY, and
    judging from the situation here, I think that living
    on campus can be a reason of failure, because
    students tend to think that they're in school and thus
    they do not need do their work when they're supposed
    to. However, they hang out too much with their friends
    and procrastinate to the last minute. Another
    reason, I think, is bad relationships with the professors.
    I think
    that building a good relationship with the professor is
    a necessity in order to enjoy the course and thus try
    harder to acheive the highest possible grade in that
    course. Depending on online lectures, which have
    been happening in a lot of courses, is also another
    reason, because students get lazy to go to class
    since they can just look the lectures up online.1
    Furthermore, sometimes, students can't provide
    all the needed materials for a certain class or all
    classes due to overpriced texts and other expenses
    in general; so that could be another factor contributing
    to the overall failure. Of course, there are many other
    reasons, and I hope I didn't derive from the main

    my regards

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  5. المسعودي الاصيل

    المسعودي الاصيل عضو

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    to TK

    [glow=00FFFF]thank u very much TK for yuor comment
    i do appreciate yuor help but u didnt mention to any psychological reason which is my concern.
    if u have any idea about the psychological reasons or the the psychological effects which are caused by failure , kindly send them to me .
    thank u again .
    university of sanaa ,
    college of educatoin,
    english language department .