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  1. jameel

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    [align=left]A conversation between a Muslim called "Mus’ab" and a Jewish called "Benjamin".

    Benjamin: [color=0000FF]Why do you think
    You own Palestine?
    Why do you do
    This suicide thing?[/color]

    Mus’ab: [color=FF0000]We are Muslims
    We do it for our deen
    We call it jihad
    This suicide thing[/color]

    Benjamin: [color=0000FF]Accept the truth
    Jerusalem is ours
    You can do nothing
    We’ve got the powers[/color]

    Mus’ab:[color=FF0000] Don't you not worry
    It’s matter of hours
    The fact will remain
    "AlQuds is ours[/color]"

    Benjamin:[color=0000FF] We'll take you one by one
    Like we took your Yasin
    Poor old man
    We made him leave the scene[/color]

    Mus’ab: [color=FF0000]Behave yourself when
    Talking about Sheikh Yasin
    The Shaheed left this life
    To the world unseen
    He died for the cause
    Of raising this deen[/color]

    [color=FF0000]Why do you think
    You can win these lands?
    As long as we've got
    Rocks in our hands
    Don’t think about gaining
    Think about losing your lands[/color]

    Benjamin: [color=0000FF]This is the land
    Solomon promised us
    This is the land
    The torah gave to us[/color]

    Mus’ab: [color=FF0000]Shuttup, and stop
    Lying on the prophets
    'n you ain't got the torah
    You’ve already changed it[/color]

    [color=FF0000]But if you insist to stay
    No problem. You’re welcome.
    We’ll welcome you with bullets
    And bust your Zionist system[/color]

    Benjamin: [color=0000FF]We will easily
    Defeat your soldiers
    We’ve got Sharon
    We need no more[/color]

    Mus’ab: [color=FF0000]You brag yourself
    With Ariel Sharon?
    Well, we're all Saladins
    Islam's Conquering Lion[/color]

    Benjamin: [color=0000FF]Now, c'mon calm down
    You know you can do nothing
    We’ve got America with us
    From it we get our supporting[/color]

    Mus’ab:[color=FF0000] May the whole world be with you
    We don't care, we've got Allah
    And you scare us with America
    So we might give up! La Wallah!!![/color]
    [color=FF0000]Quiet. That's enough[/color]
    [color=FF0000]You Jews are weird
    You say another word
    Your mouth gets sealed
    Our next meeting is
    At the battle field[/color]
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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    History proves how much jews are cowardly and fainthearted;in addition,they are traitorous

    they always disallow and resclind fortuities

    sapid conversation bro Jameel

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  5. jameel

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    حياك الله يا اخ عادل
    and thanx a lot for ur support
    ur brother jameel