Yemeni crew in Stony Brook University

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  1. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :

    I present to you the Yemeni crew
    TK, Jameel, Hamza, and Idrees (who by the way has the flue)

    Now if you wanna get to know the Yemeni crew
    Stand up and get ready, we’re coming through
    And u got five seconds to clear out the view
    Counting down ….. Five seconds are up... O it’s true

    It might be hard to believe
    But we’re really students trying to achieve
    Something in life before we leave

    We go to the University of Stony Brook
    We might buy the book but we definitely don’t cook
    We go to burger king and have a look
    If the food is good then we talk to the cook
    Tell him to fix us a plate and pass the fork

    If not, we go to Kelly
    Where Jameel lives, right by the deli
    We check out the burgers and philly
    And we look for the chef with the belly

    But if we just want a snack
    We go to the SAC
    Set in the back and crack

    I mean crack up from laughing
    At our own jokes we’re almost dying
    They’re not really funny but we’re almost crying
    We talk about flipping burgers and frying
    And then getting fired and start laughing

    Specially me and jameel
    We laugh so much it’s ridiculous
    We take puzzles and make them hilarious
    I think we need help from specialists
    In fact, we need psychiatrists
    To study our conditions and give us lists
    For all the damages in our heads
    Sometimes, we want to be doctors
    Other times, we just wanna becom farmers

    Hamza is also crazy like us
    But he’s a little lazy and prefers to take the bus
    Sometimes we call ourselves Thulathy Alkokabany
    Cause we’re always drinking 3aseer Yamany
    And talking Khobany
    And making fun of Atyat being Paki

    And don’t forget Idreess Alrobai3y
    Since he knew us, he became Raimy
    He taught us all these bad habits
    Like studying and buying packets
    Doing home works and going to classes
    And even waking up in time for quizzes

    But we taught him good things after all
    Like playing pool and going to the mall
    Sleeping late and eating foool
    Saying jokes and playing ball

    The four of us make a hell of team
    So we’ve decided to fulfill the dream
    And stay in college no longer than 10 years LOOOOL

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  3. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    yo TK
    this is de BOMB man
    everything you siad is true
    about the real crew
    even u included everything we do
    and the The main characters are me and you
    latta Rasta
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  5. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    الإعجاب :

    so so so funny brother tawfic,I got adnate with this comic poem which talkes generally about the adventures you go throw with yours friends
    by the way, Hamza is a close friend of mine on the net but he concentrate on religious issues rather than anything more

    anyways thanks for your valuable particiaption dude :)

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  7. jameel

    jameel عضو متميّز

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    brother عادل
    hamza is the youngest among us but he still our scholar and Moftee
    latter bro
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  9. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    i'm honored that u enjoyed
    reading what i wrote
    this was just a glimpse of
    what goes on in our daily life
    here in Stony Brook

    take care bro

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  11. الامير الصنعاني

    الامير الصنعاني مشرف سابق

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    يا عيباه يا تي كي فضحت بنا قدام الناس ههههههه

    عادل احمد كان يفتكر ان لحيتي طولها الى الارض ههههههههه

    ليش تشوه سمعتنا يا ريمي

    طيب بيننا

    شوف هدا اخر تحدير لك
    والا عدقلهم ايش بتفعل هههههههههههههههههههههههه

    بصراحة مبدع يا توفيق
    انا اشهد لك

    الاخ عادل احمد

    يا هلا ويا سهلا
    ادا انت تدكر ايام العرش
    انا هديك الايام كنت ساكن انا وتوفيق في نفس الغرفة

    ولما كلمتك هديك اليوم بالماسنجر
    كان هو جنبي

    بس هدا الريمي كان مشغول
    بالاي او ال

    والله يا استاد عادل لو تجي عندنا وتكمل الشلة
    تكون احسن شلة

    لو تقدر تجي زيارة الى عندنا يا ريت يا ريت تجي

    وصحيح يا استاد عادل تلقاني في النت جدي كثير
    لاني بهرب
    من الهزل والضحك المتواصل هنا في الجامعة شبعنا ضحكه
    ونحاول نلقى شيء مفيد في النت

    يله تحياتي لك اخي عادل
    وتحياتي لتوفيق ( مع انه راقد الان على سريري هههههههه)

    والسلام ختام
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  13. الامير الصنعاني

    الامير الصنعاني مشرف سابق

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    جميل انا المفتي حقكم

    لما تشتوا مخرج من ورطه
    معاكم مفتي الازهر
    حمزة جاهز تحت خدمتكم لتحليل وتحريم ما تريدوه
    كل شيء بحسابه

    جميل فوقك 500 حق الفتوى حق هاديك اليوم

    حاسب يا ريمي