what is the answer?


عضو فعال
13 يوليو 2001
First of all , i would like to sat that no one will look seriously to this message and that is not your fualt.Actually it is mine.

I have heard that most of the excellent students in the High School exams were Girls.Don't mind this, i was one of so-called (awa'el Aljomhoryah) and only one girl was before me.
but i would like to ask those students,what happen to you? is Qat and resposibility the reason or you are, with all due respect, dmber than girls,
I mean are they smarter than you are.
it is shame wallah not because girls got high marks, thaat is really great but what if come day Yemen begin to caome back to those dark eras before the revolution.
Qiustion i hope on;y the one who have an answer to inform me.
thank you all