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    Greetings All

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You R A Failure, It Means--------You Have Not Succeeded.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You Accomplished Nothing, It Means--------You Have Learned Something.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------That You Have Been A Fool, It Means--------You Had A Lot Of Faith.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You've Been Disgraced, It Means--------You Were Willing To Try.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You Don't Have It, It Means---------You Have To Do Something In A Different Way.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You Are Inferior, It Means-------You Are Not Perfect.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You've Wasted Your Life, It Means--------You Have A Reason To Start Afresh.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You Should Give Up, It Means--------You Must Try Harder.

    Failure Doesn't Mean--------You'll Never Make It, It Means--------It Will Take A Little Longer.