my story about B.(read it


عضو فعّال
Nov 17, 2003
hi to evryone in this forum
iam so sorry to not attend,now i have my story about my heart it's she it's B
since the day's of fall,
there's a story told
by B. the queen of my heart
she was wise and kind,
very good in my mind
those when i came to see her.
she have gold and thousands of
symbols on her finger's
and a night and bride with a silver light
of a man with us to ling us
B. B. B. B.
well,she ruled her land
she got one command
arich should help the poor
in return for that
i get something back
which please i much more
she was a famous queen
living in the dream
of mystery and passion
and the thing she said
you would never get
together on impression
our story end's
but she live's on mind
when i close my eye's
and think fo her
i can be with her