how to advise a father

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    i face aproblem and i need ur help
    my father is diabetic and his blood suger is very high doctors advise him to a diet but .......he never like to hear their advice i am in medical feild and try to a to understand his disease
    how how can i advice him i cant give him order he is my father and i respect and love him alot and he allways stop me from advising him and i realy fed up
    what to do? h
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    [color=000066]Hard..... it is really hard

    Watching some one you love

    in something that no one loves

    Anyway.... my advice to any one of you who face problems

    to step back from that problem for a while

    in fact fly over that problem to see it with a better detailed

    think about your self , your father, and the disease as the major roles

    the best way is to write down what you are in now

    after, write down what you want to be

    finally find out how to get there

    it does not take that much of an effort to do that

    for you case the situation is

    your father is diabetic "and if it is not taken car of! it might be dangerous"

    he does not listen to the doctors

    he does not listen to you as a daughter

    just from the few word you wrote..... i could imagine the personality of your dad

    he does not like to be told what to do


    let him decide it himself

    it is pretty hard for a father to fallow orders from his kids

    although they might be right

    if he goes to the doctor with you. Do Not go with him

    if you have to. then Do Not go inside the doctor's office with him

    if he can not speak the language .... take him to the doctor who could speak his language

    after he finishes the meeting with the doctor Do not ask him what did you do with the doctor

    in fact after he finishes the meeting with the doctor

    and you are walking with him home

    talk to him about things that make him feel like a father

    like "Daddy look at that man, doesn't he look like uncle kassem"


    "what do you think about the new bag i have"

    this will make him feel more of a control

    There are many things that you could do indirectly

    but not forcing it

    like the food you buy for the house

    try to make the food he suppose to eat more appealing

    Look in any diabetic cookbook. There are lots of tasty diabetic foods that the entire family will enjoy. It is also OK to prepare other dishes in a "non-diabetic" fashion for the rest of your dinner guests.

    just to keep it normal

    at the end it is his choice

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    thanx alot

    thanx alot brother
    i will tell u about my father he is well educated speak english better that i do which make even more complecated to me.he had diabetes from 23years and now neuropathy and retinopathy start to appear but realy he looks young
    i will pray for him and i will try wht u told me
    God pless u