The eyes are the mirror

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  1. Thunder Girl

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    The eyes are the mirror
    Of somebody's heart
    You can look and discover
    Everything about that part

    When they are sad
    You will see their pain
    You will see the hurt inside
    Even if they don't complain

    When they are happy
    Their eyes will shine
    You will see the sparkles
    So bright so fine

    When there is love
    You will see that special glowing
    Whatever it is they are feeling
    It is surely showing

    So my love look me deep in the eyes
    And you will see
    All the love I have for you
    And all the sparkles you are giving me

    ~Brenda van Son~
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    everyone has just been
    putting up all these pretty poems
    that is cool

    nice poem TG

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  5. ماجدولين

    ماجدولين مشرفة سابقة مشرف سابق

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    [color=660066]It's lovely TG........:)

    i'm with u T-K ,,,,,,
    the forum becomes more interested in poetry.....and thats give it an ornately and literary character.......:eek:

    Keep going on.....;) [/color]