Girl shot dead in Yemen shootout

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    Girl shot dead in Yemen shootout

    10-year-old girl was killed, seven wounded in shootout between supporters of GPC, Islamist Justice party.

    SANAA - A young girl was shot dead and seven people were wounded Monday in factional fighting in the Yemeni province of Dhamar, 100 kilometers (63 miles) south of Sanaa, witnesses said.

    "A 10-year-old girl was killed and seven people were wounded in a shootout" between supporters of the ruling General People's Congress (GPC) and the opposition Islamist Justice Party, one resident said.

    Another witness said the armed clash was triggered by a dispute among rival clans over candidacies by the two parties for legislative elections slated for April 27.

    "Security forces intervened ... and arrested 10 people from both sides," he said.

    Clashes between tribes, or between security forces and armed groups, are common and often bloody in Yemen, a country with a tribal structure where the number of firearms held by civilians is officially estimated at more than 60 million, an average of more than three per inhabitant.


    guys we need to discuss this issue
    i will in shaa allah comeback soon
    salam for now
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    very sorry to hear this tragedy