Saba Fone Is A Money Laundering Front ,the Minister Of Telecommunications Says

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    Sources in the Minister of Telecommunications office are leaking the news about SABA FONE (THE FIRST GSM OPERATOR IN YEMEN)about the involvment of the company in money laundering for USA most wanted BIN LADEN.

    These leaks come on the time that PTC Public Telecommunications Corp about to launch it's own wirless division using the CDMA technology.

    It's an apparent move trying to wipe out the largest Mobile Phone Company in the country.

    It's worth mentioning that SABA FONE is headed by the son of Shaikh Al-Ahmer and he also he is the major share holder.
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    [color=FF0000]They Took Down Countries>>>>>

    I Do Not think it will be hard to take down a company..... You know they are going under low boost in economy.... closing this company and opening an American one will help them a bit