Restraints in our arabic forums

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  1. Thunder Girl

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    At the beginning,i would like to say that this post is very important to discuss and to get out with ideas as many as possible.We all deny the system of governance in the third world including the Arabic world,and we all know that all arab leaders are caesars.Which really disgusting.Democrasy is was the base that all those republics rely on.Revolutions were celebrated to get over of the cancerous colonies.BUT nowdays, we found out that we live with another kind of occupation which made by our Arabic leaders.In short, there’s no freedom.DO THINK GUYS THE SYSTEM IN OUR ARABIC FORUMS INCLUDING ALMAJLES ALYEMEN HAVE THE SAME WAY OF RESTRAINT??!!

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  3. T_K

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    Ok .. I don't think this forum restrains us from anything
    I mean we post what ever we want to post and say whatever we want to say so long as we don't go overboard!

    to compare it to the arabic nations where the leaders govern by their own rules, it's probaly not much alike

    am still not sure if that's what u meant
    take care

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  5. جراهام بل

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    dear TG
    freedon has limits that we shouldn't overstep them.You should confess that you can express your feelings free.Criticism should be nicely not just insulting.And i bit if you insult the canadian prime-minister,they won't accept it even in such a free country like our lovely Canada.

    sorry if there's a spelling mistakes beacause i type this in a hurry