The Real Meaning Of Word Mosque!!!

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  1. يافعي مغترب

    يافعي مغترب عضو فعّال

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    تحت الرسالة تجدون مقالة ارسلها احد الاخوة جزاه الله خيرا يتحدث فيها عن كلمة المسجد المترجة الى الانجليزيه والتي هي

    والتي لانعلم من اين جائت؟؟؟ ومن اين مصدرها

    وارفقت ترجمة مختصرة عنها وشرح لكلمة موسك وكيف جائت لنا

    فالاخ وليد ذكر انه قرا كتاب

    ووجد ان هذا الكتاب يتحدث عن اصل كلمة "موسك" المسجد بالانجليزي وانها كلمة محوله من اللغة الاسبانية والتي ذكرها الملك فرديناند والذي قال:- ((( سنسحق المسلمين كما نسحق الباعوض ))) - والذي هو اسمة بالانجليزي( موسكيتو ) واين يوجد الباعوض؟ يوجد طبعا في المستنقعات التي تكثر فيها - طبعا اين يوجد المسلمين؟ يكثر وجودهم طبعا في المسجد - فحرفت كلمة

    وبحكم اختصاصي في اللغة والادب الانجليزي

    كم مرة تسائلت من اين جائت كلمة "موسك" لنا وكنت اقارنها بكلمة "موسكيتو"ه

    فطبعا موسكيتو الباعوض



    تحولت الى كلمة


    وهكذا وصار يسمون المسجد بالموسك


    فلذا يجب تغيير اسم الموسك


    الى كلمة المسجد


    مثل كلمة الله لايجب ان نقول


    لان قود الاله فيكون اي اله

    ولكن نقول الله


    وهو الله وحدة لاشريك له


    فالرجاء نشرها للاهمية

    حقوق الطبع محفوظة لكل مسلم من اهل السنة والجماعة

    *سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك اشهد ان لااله الا انت استغفرك واتوب الية*

    Please Call our MASJID "MASJID"! Not "MOSQUE"!!!

    Difference Between MASJID and MOSQUE

    Please read this and pass it on to any Muslims, as much as you can. It is a vital and important information. Muslims should now refrain from using the term "Mosque". I was flipping through this book the other day called: "THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM" (he-he, they call themselves idiots) and it is filled with fun facts. One of them concerns the term "Mosque."

    So many of us think this is the English translation of Masjid. I'm sure none of us ever wondered how this term came into being when it really had little in common with how it sounded compared to 'Masjid'. (We were very young when we were taught this English word. Our minds then were not critical & analytical, so didn't dare to ask/challenge our teachers, right?).

    Anyway this book pointed out that the term 'mosque' is derived From the Spanish word for "mosquito." It was termed as such because during the Crusades, King Ferdinand said they were going to go and swat the Muslims "like mosquitoes". (Where else can they find Muslims in large number to be swatted if not in a Masjid?).

    So, they cheekily termed "Masjid" as "Mosque".

    So, Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, refrain from using this term which is obviously a disgusting slap in the face to the Ummah. Educate our brothers and sisters to the history and etymology of this word. And let us replace it with the word which is MEANT to be used: Masjid! The Place of Prostration!! Not Mosque: the place to be swatted!

    ***If any of you have doubts about this, then Please look for the book and read it
    :mad: :mad:
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  3. ماجدولين

    ماجدولين مشرفة سابقة مشرف سابق

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    [color=660066]La Illaha Illa Alah :( :(
    Thye don't even leave the holy places in peace ...:mad:

    Almasjed is more strong and respectful to us than Mosque......

    and inshallah we will hang on the word Allah than God,,,,,,:eek: [/color]
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  5. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    جزاك الله ألف خير يا أخ يافعي

    and i support the idea of refraining from the use of "mosque" and sticking with (masjid) instead

    I did some research on google on the origin of the word .. i saw all sort of things .. i also passed by a page in which i saw a question similiar to the text u provided in ur article .. my guess is that the person who posted it is the original writier of the text u provided .. well, the question is there and the answer too .. if you're interested (of course if u haven't had the chance to already see it) the URL is

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  7. يافعي مغترب

    يافعي مغترب عضو فعّال

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    thank you everybody
    Anyway try to have the book of (the complete Idiot's guide to understanding Islam)
    realy it is wonderful book keep it as referance for you

    i am sure you like it???:)