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    This story happend in someday...............

    I'll live allone forever,i'am helpping all the people when they need me,but no one help me when i need it"
    "he say that"
    why!!!andWhat happen!!!!come with me to know why:
    Evry morning he weak up with big smail, kissing his mom and go out.
    His father have many company his richer man.
    His mother is waife house she is very cute,so he have many cuase's to be happier,car,job and alot of friend's and many...
    He love's to help anyone wana the help,and always spend almost his time to solve them problem's,he be very happy when his friend be happy ,his dream's someday the world living happy ...(craizy)
    In raining day when he drive his expensive car,saw girl in subway, her car didn't work and that place very dangrous .
    He's stoped the car next her and ask the girl if she need any help,she telling him her car suddenly stop if he can see why,he open the engine and make some test and know the problem ,when he close the cover of the engine his heart stopping sudenly......

    To be continued
    (any note please tell me)

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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    yes .. the note is ....
    finish the story that u had started

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  5. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    was it written by your own or it's just attributed post?
    anyway as our brother TK said just continue what you have started
    thanks for effort