I am never alone

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  1. نبراس حاشد

    نبراس حاشد عضو

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    [color=0000FF]i have received this message in my e-mail

    from my best friend and this friend is part of me

    therefore , this message is gift from this friend

    i hope to like what my friend writes

    Whenever I am alone
    I feel someone sharing my lonliness
    When I talk to anyone
    I feel someone sharing my every word
    When I sleep
    I feel someone in my dreams
    Whenever I am happy
    I feel someone increasing my joy
    Whenever I become sad
    I feel someone consoling me
    Whenever I am angry
    I feel someone cooling me down
    Someone shres my every moment
    whenever I feel a gap between
    Tears make wet my cheeks
    Then someone smiles and
    Love envelops me
    And I feel there is
    Someone inside me
    .I am never alone
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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    abo yemen asly always says "very true emotions " :D keep it up dear nepras

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  5. أبو يمن اصلي

    أبو يمن اصلي قلم فضي

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    نص مقتبس من رسالة : عادل أحمد
    and that's what I'm gonna say now

    Love envelops me
    And I feel [color=0000FF]there is
    Someone inside me[/color]
    .I am never alone

    :eek:Someone inside
    Is your friend pregnant

    I'm sorry Nibras for my "maz7 thaqeel", it just came to my mind & I said I would say it lest it rottens in my brain:)
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  7. ماجدولين

    ماجدولين مشرفة سابقة مشرف سابق

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    [grade="00BFFF 4169E1 0000FF"][align=left]Hi Nebras,,,

    Tell ur friend that if he want to be a good poet he must read for some famouse English poets ......, e.g. Shakespear....

    and write what ever he feels and never give up and by time he will be good :)

    cause practice makes perfects;);)

    Am i right Adel and Asly??? :rolleyes: