why we forward emails?????

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    [poem=font="Times New Roman,4,white,normal,normal" bkcolor="sienna" bkimage="" border="ridge,4,darkred" type=3 line=0 align=center use=sp num="0,black"]
    hy my friends
    today i wanaa to right my songe if i can say
    and i give it to my sweet
    life is the first gift
    love is the second
    understanding is the third
    somtimes we think of why frineds keep
    forwaring mails to us
    without writing a single word
    maybe this could explain why
    when u have nothing to say
    still want to keep contact
    guess wgat u do
    u forward mails
    when u have something to say
    but don't know what
    and don;t know how
    guess what u do
    u forward mails
    when u have a lot to say
    and don;t know why
    guess what u do
    u forward mails
    when u r still wanted
    when u r still remembered
    when u r still important
    when u r still loved
    when u r still missed guess what u get
    a forwarded mail
    so dear ...and my love
    next time if i forward u a mail
    don't think i have only sent u a mail
    but i've remembered in my heart
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    thanks for this nice map
    regards dear