what did you know about your heart

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    first i 'd thank to my sweetheart to stand with me..
    i wanaa to ask anyone what did you know about your heart??
    someone his thinking and tell me what this qustion the heart is the pump for the blood for the life
    but this isn't the answer
    think what it could be the answer!! it's easy just try
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  3. جراهام بل

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    your heart is a complex creature that god only can explain or elaborate.this was from the scientific side

    and from the other hand,which is the emotions,well i think no body can control his impetuosity when he fall in love with the other *** ,even if you try to think logically using your brain,still you aren't capable of controlling your feelings.ummmmm well ask the amorous you will find the exact answer because the arabic proverb says "ask an expert but don't ask a doctor".Have a nice day