Al-Quds is in Danger!!

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  1. عبدالرشيدالفقيه

    عبدالرشيدالفقيه مشرف سابق

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    To every Muslim who wants the mercy of his lord and desires paradise

    We present our call

    To the Muslim World we present the call of Al-Quds

    Al-Quds is in Danger

    Allah (SWT) said “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged, and verily, Allah is Most Powerful for their aid”

    The day of Badr is our celebration, on the seventeenth day of Ramadan, this decisive day in the human history. We selected this day of Badr so that Muslims all over the world would remember that they have a right to strive for, and a stolen land that is calling upon them: “set me free from the brutal and criminal forces”.

    It is a day for Al-Quds; where we learn a lesson to go back to Allah, the provider of victory and the supporter of his faithful servants. It is day for Muslims to remember their glorious days and victories. It is the day of Badr that we hope returns. It is day when Allah honored the righteous and humiliated the people of wrong doing.

    Our ceremony of Al-Quds day is not a conventional celebration after which we just go home. It is a universal day for the Muslim world to remind all Muslims with their duties. And, if this day does not induce us to strive to free Al-Quds and return to it its honor and glory, then we do not deserve to live on the face of this earth.

    Al-Quds has been a continuous target for enemies. Al-Quds has faced a lot of calamities from the crusades, when it was taken as hostage. But the Muslim nation has made large sacrifices throughout history. There have always been men who stood their firm and defended Al-Quds and kept it within the Muslim nation.

    So, would you be among those who work their hardest to return Al-Quds to its owners?

    We have an appointment with victory and fulfilling the rules of victory and freedom

    Allah (SWT) said “Oh you who believe if you face a group (of enemies), then stand fast and remember Allah a lot so that you may be successful”

    The holy land, Al-Quds, is the land that Allah has written for his obedient slaves. It is the land of revelations. It is the love of our souls. It is the land of the Isra of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and is the door to the heavens. It is the land that has always been the balance of justice on earth and an Islamic glory frontier, since Allah has created earth.

    It is for Al-Quds that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called the Muslims to go to Al-Sham. It is for Al-Quds that the first Khalifa, Abu-Bakr, sent armies and leaders. It is for it that the second Khalifa, Omar, walked to it with his own feet to receive its honorable keys for it to stay with the Muslims forever. It is for Al-Quds that the leader Emadud-Deen sent his freedom army and on his footsteps was the leader Noorud-Deen who continued the struggle, till finally, Salahud-Deen raised the flag of victory and glory.

    It is in the land of Al-Quds where the Prophets were martyred. It is in the skies of Al-Quds where the angels celebrated victory. It is on the ground of Al-Quds where the best creation prostrated. It is from the fruits of Al-Quds of which Jesus (PUH) and his mother Mary were fed. Al-Quds earned all goodness, collected all blessings and it is, without a doubt, the holy land. Al-Quds is the fascination of the eyes, the catch of the hearts, the celebration of the believers and the destructor of injustice.

    Oh Muslims!

    This is the city that Allah promised you. This is the Masjid that your Lord has blessed you with! Would you abandon it to disbelievers and ruthless injustice?

    We are all invited to support the struggling nation in Palestine. This nation that has continued its struggle for the fourth year despite the disability and paralysis of other Arab nations, the conspiracy of the Americans and the silence of the whole world in front of the Zionist weapons.

    We observe every day the situation of the Palestinians with hearts filled with sorrow and anger. But, despite of this, we do very little. We need to turn this anger into action, before this anger turns into despair that will block our hearts.

    Let us follow the true path of victory and implement the required actions from each Muslim as follows:

    Setting aside a monthly share of our income to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We should never belittle our share because it adds up.

    Devoting the Duaa on the odd-numbered nights of Ramadan to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

    Doing night prayer at least once a week and Pray for the defeat of the cruel enemy.

    Establishing websites and e-mail lists to communicate the true Palestinian story and facts in several languages. Remember that the results of the latest opinion survey in Europe, that identified Israel as one of the main sources of insecurity in the Middle East, did not come from nothing, but from hard work.

    Supporting the resistance movements by emailing their websites with innovative ideas.

    Using Palestinian symbols in our daily life, like names for the newborn, stickers on cars, doors and walls, computer screen savers, and names of sport teams sport leagues.

    Establishing youth clubs that support the Palestinian case intellectually, financially and morally.

    Reminding people that the crusaders’ occupation lasted 90 years before it was defeated. So, the Israeli occupation will be defeated as well.

    Struggling for excellence in the fields of science and technology. That is how the US and Israel defeated us.

    Struggling to spread the ideologies that unite Muslims, avoid disunity and focus on important issues.

    Bringing up the Muslim youth with the spirits of seriousness and sacrifice for Islam.

    Waking up the glory of Islam in people’s souls and reminding them of the reward of struggling for the sake of Allah.

    Focusing on the meaning of struggling for the sake of Allah in all possible fields, souls, money, words, articles, hard work, etc…

    Activating the call for boycotting the businesses that support our enemy.

    Oh Muslims of the world, how about a Muslim lobby to fight the Jewish lobby that manipulates the world. Let us free the world from injustice and return happiness to humanity with the justice of Allah.

    Let us join forces, unite our words and align our efforts to realize what our ancestors achieved. It is illogical that 1.3 billion Muslims fear a few million of enemies of humanity.

    Let our slogan always be “Allah is our Lord, Muhammad is our prophet, Quran is our leader, and dying for the sake of Allah is our greatest aim”

    This is our call and Allah is behind our intention. He is the source of guidance for the true path.

    Let Peace and Blessings Be Upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)…

    Al-Quds Day team

    17 Ramadan 1424 A.H
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    i'll be back,i feel sleepy now

    welcome dear abdullrashed

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  5. أبو يمن اصلي

    أبو يمن اصلي قلم فضي

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    Baraka Allahu Feek Abdulrasheed
    It is a real call upon all muslims & it will ever be until the Quds is freed
    Allah knows that Muslims who call on Freeing Al-Quds are right & He promised them victory