to the girl i miss

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    When i say "I LOVE YOU"......
    I say the words "I love You" so much that I wonder sometimes if you take for granted the feeling that is behind them.
    I never want you to see them as just words to begin or end a conversation.
    " I LOVE YOU" is just my way of saying that you have touched a place in my heart and made me come alive.
    You have claimed a part of my heart that, not matter what happens to us, I will always belong to you.
    You taught me how to love.
    You broke throught all my defenses and comforted my fears.
    You touched places in me, I never knew i had..... You made me feel things i never thought I'd feel..... You have all my patience, care, understanding, and concern needed to build the kind of relationship we have.
    So when i say " I LOVE YOU" the words are not spoken out of habit.
    It is my way of saying thank you for being you and returning some of the joy you have given me.

    waiting for comments especially from the one who called abu yemen original
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  3. أبو يمن اصلي

    أبو يمن اصلي قلم فضي

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    1. Are these your words?
    2. I'm impressed and touched by the emotions and feelings in this wonderful piece of writing
    3. Why me comment on this? If I were a girl, I would easily fall in love
    but you are unfortunate:D
    4. I wonder if the person you wrote it to REALLY understood it
    5. It speaks from my heart as I always say "I never say I LOVE YOU" twice a dayif I'm asked to, but when I HAVE it, I can say it a million times at once