Women are not evil......Yemeni women are evil (No hard feelings ladies)

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  1. Di7bash

    Di7bash عضو متميّز

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    Women are not evil … Yemeni women are evil …
    The article talks about Yemeni girls … I would like the reader to note that it is not my intention to generalize the characteristics mentioned here among all Yemeni girls … every rule has an exception … and my utmost respect and regards to all the Yemeni girls that are not among those I am talking about in this article, which I personally estimate at 2%. So this article applies to 98% of all Yemeni girls … I wish you all to be blessed by one of those included in the 2% of our girls …

    From the preliterate cultures to the modern, women have been relegated to second class citizenship throughout the world. The failure of the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified in the US is a classic example of how women are viewed in the US despite the high literacy rate and social norms claiming equality of sexes. What has this done to the psyche of women? Has this caused a genetic transformation in their brains to makes them good only at micro-levels , such as those of households and small community affairs and when it comes to macro-management, creating vision and mission plans, they fail. It is debatable to label women inferior in their ability to manage and visualize, but it is a fact that they are inferior in their humane acts. One reason for this is their own feeling of insecurity. Call it a handicap, a stereotype stigma, or a genetically disadvantaged position, it will still remain a fact. Urged by their severe sense of insecurity, women would harm anyone in their way of adjusting and achieving their equilibrium status. However, the sense of security itself, and the degree of its severity are important to understand how far women would go.
    According to different cultures, women differ in defining security. In the Yemeni context, a woman’s security comes from having her own male guardian … her own implies a husband; especially with the immense pressure our society places on marriage of females. The scariest nightmare a Yemeni lady may ever have is ending up with no husband. The root to that lies in the inferiority our society marks women with to the extent that the determinant of a lady’s worth is first her marital status, and second the worth of her husband; both of which are related to her male companionship.
    The results of that, unfortunately, affect all of society. In the context of this article, I will only allude to the effects of this phenomenon on Yemeni ladies’ behaviour and the side effects of that on Yemeni men.
    Now, as getting married is THE determinant of a success of a lady, and because all ladies want to be successful, it is just normal that Yemeni girls grow up with their minds obsessed with achieving this goal. The obsession gets more serious and severe when these Yemeni girls approach the age of marriage, which in Yemen ranges from 17 to 25.
    As everybody else when faced with a problem, these Yemeni girls start looking for solutions except that, to them, this is not just another problem, it is THE problem. A problem is usually defined as the discrepancy between a current situation and a desired situation. And once you know your desired status, you’re on the road to achieve it. Here, the desired status for our insecure Yemeni girls is to get a husband. They know that and off they go hunting. The hunting period may start as early as the girl turns 17 or it may be delayed according to different circumstances.
    The fact that they are out there hunting is the most worrying notion to us. This indeed is the most undesired affect of all the results of insecurity. The reason is that the prey that’s about to be trapped is a human being.
    From my experience and from the stories I have heard from friends, relatives…etc., the case is a troubling one. The formula to them is an economic one. They go for the best value with the least effort. It’s important to notice once again that to them, this is their major lifelong problem and they will exert tremendous effort, and invest all they have of time, passion and resources to reach their state of equilibrium. A very sad fact to point out is the difference of perception between men and women at this stage. To men, if such a search exists, it is for a partner that he can share his life and kids with. The aim is noble and one that is considered in Islam, a completion of one’s religion. However, to women, sad enough, it is a hunt. It is a search for a purely material solution to their insecurity, social, psychological, financial or otherwise.
    Returning to the subject at hand, the first stage of the hunt starts with a careful scan of the environment surrounding them in an effort to locate the best available prey. Most of the time, a lady would have numerous potential preys, and singling out only one among all becomes a bit difficult. As such, our hunter would normally narrow down her options and come up with a list of all those that should be approached. At rare instances, the woman would figure out that none of all these are suitable or are all non-satisfactory to her and would delay the hunt to a later, more appropriate or more promising environment.
    At any case the usually the chase goes on uninterrupted. Our Yemeni hunter would usually proceed to the next stage and start studying carefully the narrowed down list. The hunter would get to know as much information as she can acquire about those on the list as a preparation technique to the second and more important phase. Once the lady has gathered her notes and reviewed them, it is now time, not to approach, but to attract attention of those on the preliminary list. Our Yemeni girl would exploit every possible instance to get that attention and it is usually in this stage that the girl becomes completely and utterly artificial in every single sense. A dramatic change in behaviour, preferences, thoughts, attitudes, will occur whenever the prey is present. All that of course to achieve the goal of this second phase; attract his attention. I once met a girl that was actually in this very stage. The girl as I knew her was a really sad one in all aspects. However, as I got to know later, the prey she was in the process of trapping was a happy guy that she had already studied. So whenever the prey was there, I was astonished by the happiness, cheerfulness and joyfulness this lady showed.
    As I said above, the act is totally an artificial one that is utilized fully for her hidden desires.
    The game of course continues, and the hunter keeps narrowing the list as she keeps learning more and more about every one on the list until she is finally focused on one sole target. It is at this time, when trapping tools and techniques are enormously intensified. The hunter will keep stalking the prey in every possible way. She would force herself to appear exactly as he would like her to appear, which normally would be as an ideal Yemeni lady. She will go through all the agony and distress to commit herself to behaviours and attitudes she had never had nor will she ever have.
    At this stage, the prey is normally half way through and has already been affected by the traps. Still, the hunter keeps intensifying efforts to get the prey into the desired place. She would use all resources at her disposal to achieve that.
    Some interesting illustrative acts that myself and/or my colleagues here at the university have experienced and/or have been told by our friends here in India: (in a different situation, they will of course apply a very different set of actions that will suit their settings)
    · The exaggerated and heavy emphasis of the “friendship” between you guys
    · Calling you every hour to see that the headache you complained about 5 hours earlier is gone
    · Cooking the stuff you like almost everyday and making inviting you look as an accident
    · Talking about you in front of your best friends in ways you really adore; she knows it’ll get to you somehow
    · Showing artificial interest in your hobbies and things you like
    · Expressing a real will to get to know your family because you are a really good friend
    · More of the exaggerated and heavy emphasis of the “friendship” between you guys … of course they fear that if you sense that she admires you, you would conceive of all her acts as artificial … so the importance of making you believe that she thinks of you as a friend is enormous

    In brief, she will do literally everything and anything she can do to make you fall in love …
    Here, we come to a very critical point. After she had done all this, she is thinking that her prey is by now, an easy snack to crush. And usually she is right. At this stage, the prey acts in one of two ways. At this stage, he might have indeed fallen in love with her and there are two possibilities here. First, he may do just what’s in her mind and propose, thereby, ending the hunting game. Of course the perception of our innocent prey here is that she will REMAIN as he had known her, and would just proceed to the marriage step. However, to his dismay, after marriage, his innocent, happy, cheerful, honest, lovely, supportive angel and sweetheart is now an evil, unhappy, insecure, dishonest devil. Ibut that doesnt matter, the game is over by now and she has happily had a wonderful meal.
    The second possibility is that even though he had indeed fallen in love with her, he still doesn’t proceed to the marriage step. This of course never lasts as the hunter immediately starts a new hunting game for another prey.
    The other path aside from falling in love with her is simply not falling in love. The thing Yemeni girls don’t understand of course is that love is much more noble than a cheap hunting game and is out of your hands. I may be the person who likes you the most on this earth, but as a friend, not as a lover. They think “If I am as good as I have appeared to be, how come he didn’t fall in love with me? “ Well, you maybe the best person I had ever met, but still, I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. I consider you my best friend, but still I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. The failure to comprehend the fact that love is under nobody’s control is her number one problem. it is quite comprehensible to us who know all this. The fact that she has gone through all this just to trap you, and then you end up un-trapped is a hard one to swallow by her. Well … good try but bad luck.
    Here, you, the prey… the one that was once described by her as the most astonishing human being in history … you suddenly see yourself transformed into the evil of all evils … now that you have not fallen in love with her, the devil is a little better than you in absolutely every single aspect … you now are a player … a liar … a dishonest person because you promised and did not deliver (I am just talking on her behalf… I know you never promised anything) … at this stage, be sure that all the people you and her know will be told that you have played the girl in a very bad manner and that you now have thrown her away … and guess what … all those people are suddenly sympathetic to her case … and you … what a dishonest, insincere, untrustworthy person you are in the eyes of all those people … you would be a lucky person if you don’t get a phone call from your parents condemning and rebuking you for what you have done with this innocent angel …don’t be surprised if your best friend comes trying to talk to you about the big mistake you have done…
    Well … best friend … I never promised her anything …
    Best Friend: Come on … we all saw how she used to treat you … you guys were so close …
    Well … she did all that … I swear … I didn’t do anything … yeah .. and that’s how it’ll end up … you desperately trying to defend yourself without the slightest chance of convincing anybody … and don’t underestimate the affects you will suffer from when you suddenly see everybody against you because of a thing you never even thought of … and trust me … this is the slightest case of them all …
    my advice … beware beware beware of these evil Yemeni hunters … whatever you do, DO NOT GET TRAPPED
    I happen to have many female friends from many diverse cultures, but I had never felt that any one of them had an intention to trap me or had at any time dealt with me as a prey
    In summary, women are not evil … Yemeni women are evil … their insecurity and inferiority causes us too heavy a price
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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    it's amazing essay or research as it seems.and it's a famous problem that whole organizations talk about

    it's along essay though..try to make it shorter next time and well done

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  5. زهرة الصحراء

    زهرة الصحراء مشرف سابق

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    الموضوع طويل هذا أولاً..

    ثانياً بما أنه يخص النساء اتمنى طرحه في قسم الأسره..

    ثالثاً نظراً لأنقليزيتي التي تحاول السير متعثره لم استطع فهم كل ما جاء في هذه الدراسه..إلا انها تتحدث عن الفتاة اليمنيه بالسوء ما دامت تنعتنا بالشر..

    أتمنى من كاتب الموضوع.أو الأخ عادل بترجمة وتلخيص الموضوع وطرحه في القسم العام أو قسم الأسره..

    (ألاحظ أني اطلب نقل الكثير من المواضيع من قسم إلى اخر!!!):rolleyes:

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  7. ماجدولين

    ماجدولين مشرفة سابقة مشرف سابق

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    NO COMMENT:mad:
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  9. زهرة الصحراء

    زهرة الصحراء مشرف سابق

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    لازم يكون لنا تعليق يا ماجدولين..وإلا رسخت فكرة الفتاة اليمنيه الشريره

    شكلك بتفهمي انقليزي اكثر مني ..

    ترجمي لي الكلام كله..وأنا علي الرد..:cool:


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  11. يافع

    يافع عضو متميّز

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته:)

    لسيت ترجمة....ولكن مرخص للمقال الطـــــــــــــــــويل

    وأهمها العنوان...

    "النساء لسن شريرات ولكن نساء اليمن هن(شريرات)"

    قام الكاتب بعرضة فكرت أنه لا يريد أن يحصر فكرته على كل نساء او بنات اليمن ...لكنه يعتقد أن فكرته تنطبق على ثمانية وتسعين بالمئة من بنات اليمن (98%) وان البنات أو النساء الاوتي لا تنطبق عليهن القاعدة

    "النساء لسن شريرات ولكن نساء اليمن هن(شريرات)"

    يندرجن تحت الاثنين بالمئة (2%)......

    يبدى أخونا المقال بافتتاحية تقوم.....

    "من العصر الجاهلي أو ألامي إلى العصر الحديث أنزلت المرأة إلى مرتبة دانية إلى مواطنة من الدرجة الثانية"

    تكلم بعدها الكاتب عن كيف أن المرأة في أمريكا لم تقم بأخذ حقوقها من الدستور إلا قبل زمن وجيه...

    ثم ينطلق الكاتب إلى القول أن المراءاة اليمنية لها هدف واحد

    وهذا الهدف هو إيجاد رجل مسئول عليها...خصوصاً بالتعقيدات التي يتطلبها المجتمع من إنشاء عملية الزواج...

    ويقول أن الكابوس الذي يمكن أن يصيب المرأة أن تنتهي بدون زواج

    ثم ينتقل الكاتب إلى مرحلة شرح المستوى للإمرة اليمنية في المجتمع فيقول

    "The root to that lies in the inferiority our society marks women with to the extent that the determinant of a lady’s worth is first her marital status, and second the worth of her husband; both of which are related to her male companionship"

    بمعنى أن مكانة المرأة تكون بمكانة مستواها العائلي ومستوي زوجها وكلا هذه المكاناة تعود إلى صحبة الرجل" الأب والزوج

    ثم يذهب الكاتب ويتكلم عن طريقة الصيد ونوع الصيد الذي تبحث عنه المرأة كي توجد equilibrium توازنها في المجتمع. ولكن طريقة البحث تختلف من الرجل والمراءة.... الرجل يبحث عن ذات الدين التي تعينه وتربي أولادة... أما المرأة تبحث عن ما يؤمن ويضمن حياتهن من مال ومنصب وما شابه...

    ينطلق الكاتب ويعود إلى موضوع صيد المرأة اليمنية لفريستها...تبحث عن الأشخاص الذين يمكنهم أن يتقدمون لها ثم تقوم بتقليص القائمة حتى تجد الفريسة الممتازة.....ثم تقوم بمعرفة المزيد من المعلومات عن هذه الفريسة...فتقوم حين تواجد الفريسة بعلم حركات وتلميحات وأفكار وهواجس.

    ثم يسدل الكاتب بعض الطرق التي تم أنشئها في الجامعة عندهم في الهند منها.....

    -الاتصال بك كل خمس دقائق للاطمئنان على الصداع الذي طرى بك
    -طبخات الأشياء التي تعجبك كل يوم...وجعل عزومتك عندهم صدفة!
    -تتكلم عن أمام أصدقائك بطريقة مشرفة .. عارفة أنها ستصلك
    -إظهار الاهتمام الاصطناعي بهواياتك والأشياء التي تحب العمل بها كصديق
    -التعارف على عائلتك لأنك صديق طيب لديها
    -تربيط وتوطيد علقة الصداقة بينكما

    بأختصار ستقوم بعمل كل ما يلزم لتجعلك تقع في حبها...

    ألان نصل إلى النقطة الحساسة....بعد أن تقوم الفتاه بعمل كل ذلك وتعتقد انه إذا وقع في الحب فقد يستمر ويتزوج المرأة أما إذا لم يقدم على الزواج فتنطلق الفتاة للبحث عن فريسة أخرى وينتهي حبه لها ....

    الشئى الذي لا تفهمه اليمنيات أن الحب لا يكون عن طريقة اصطياد رخيصة وهو ليس بأيدينا. قد أكون الشخص الوحيد المعجب بك في الكرة الارضية، لكن كصديق وليس كمحب. تقول بعضهن "إذا كنت أني ظاهرة بشكل حسن لماذا لم يقع في حبي"

    حسناً ...قد تكوني أفضل شخص قابلته في حياتي....لكني لست مغرم في حبك.. اعتبرك أعز أصدقائي...لكني لست مغرماً بحبك.

    الفشل أنها تفهم أن الحب ليس بتحكم أي شخص هي مشكلتها الأولى . لمن يعرف هذه الأمور وينجو من الفخ تكون صعبة الاستمضاغ بالنسبة لها...

    أنت، يامن كنت الفريسة، يا من كانت تنعتك بالشهامة والرجولة ...ترى ألان نفسك موصوف بكل أوصاف الشر، لأنك لم تقع في حبها ، الشيطان ألان أفضل منك..

    أنت ألان لاعب مخادع غشاش....لأنك وعدت ولم تفي بوعدك (أنا أتكلم من جهة البنت ..أعلم أنك لم تعدها شياً)

    ألان كل الناس ضدك...لأنك ضحكة على البنت.. كل الناس ينظرون إليك بسوء....

    قد تكون محظوظاً إذا لم يتصل بك والديك يوبخانك على العملة التي عملتها وعلى خداعك للبنت...

    قد يأتي إليك أفضل أصدقائك يكلمك على الغلطة التي قد عملة...

    صديقي العزيز لم أعدها بأي شيء....

    الصديق:: يا رجل لقد كنا نرى كيف كانت تعاملك..لقد كنتما قريبين من بعض

    لكن صديقي العزيز... هي من كانت تقوم بكل ذلك...أقسم بالله...لم أقم بعمل أي شيء......

    نعم هذا ما سيحصل..أنت ألان تحاول الدفاع عن نفسك ولكن الكل ضدك....الكل ضدك لشيء لم تفكر به أبداً.. وصدقني هذا أدنى حالة قد تمر بها....

    نصيحتي لك ... أحذر أحذر أحذر من هاو لا الصيادات اليمنيات..أي شيء تعمله....لا تقع في المصيدة....

    لقد كان لي زميلات من مختلف الجنسيات....لكن لم أشعر ولا مرة أن إحداهن كانت تنوي أن تفترسني...أو تعاملني معي كفريسة...

    في الختام.....النساء لسن شريرات....ولكن نساء اليمن هن كذلك،....عقدة نقصهن وعدم إحساسهن بالأمان يجعلنا ندفع الثمن غالياً

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  13. يافع

    يافع عضو متميّز

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Brother Di7bas......Pretty Nice writing

    to me I think that the problem is not for Yemen girls.....maybe you had an experience with them cause they are from you origin......and closer to you then the other races that did not use you as a prey

    for that reason she found out that you "the son of here country" are the best partner she could have....

    what is it that you mean by love.....

    is it an instant feeling that pops up to you when you see the girl you loved

    this does not happen at all "in my opinion" ....what happened is that the man of us he could fall in love by a specific (could be more than one) characteristics that he found in the other mate....

    which means things he like.....

    love does not come from space aspects, rather from external effects

    in fact most of the marriages love relation strengthen after married.....

    i would like to ask you a question.... if you felt in love with some one wouldn't you try your best to get her attention!!!

    will that's what any lady would do if she felt in love with you

    how did you know she wanted to hunt you

    maybe she really loved you......

    you really cannot see what is in her heart.....

    to me if it was just a hunting process..... she would not get mad for losing her prey........rather "just like any other predators" will look for another on

    but the matter she mad in making it a big dilemma and try all the resources available to get you back is part of her love.....

    :) i know you are now saying to your self .....

    " Not You Too, it's enough that every body in her side; and now you come and join them"

    will I might understand that....and it is up to you to decide your own future......

    but what make you put all the Yemen women in the same category....

    you did not mention a lot of facts rather an experience that "maybe" you went throw....

    for example here in new York people generalize that cab drivers never picks up a black person.....

    is that true ..... nah, people just tend to take what group of people did and take that peace of cloths and force the rest to ware it

    last question what are the bases or the statistical method you used to get the percentage numbers in the begging of the article
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  15. سمير محمد

    سمير محمد مشرف سابق

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    اللقب الاضافي:
    نجم المجلس اليمني 2003
    long or short essay (makes no difference) the title enough is untoleratable
    and "no hard feelings" he quotes
    i guess u should relax your hard feelings
    take a break- take a nap
  16.   مشاركة رقم : 9    ‏2003-10-13
  17. Di7bash

    Di7bash عضو متميّز

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    Dear yafe3
    First of all i would like to convey to you my best regards and i would like to apologize for my late reply which is due to the midterms i was facing the last two weeks.

    Secondly, i guess there is a bit of a misunderstanding
    will that's what any lady would do if she felt in love with you

    This 2% lady is not in love with you but she is trying to decieve you in order to overcome her future insecurity.

    maybe she really loved you......

    if she really loved me she wouldn't go and tell everybody that i played on her and decieved her.

    but the matter she mad in making it a big dilemma and try all the resources available to get you back is part of her love

    i don't think that she is trying to get me back because such behavior will make me HATE her.

    you did not mention a lot of facts rather an experience that "maybe" you went throw....last question what are the bases or the statistical method you used to get the percentage numbers in the begging of the article

    The article was written based on personal experince with many yemeni
    girls inside and outside yemen

    Don't forget that its not true that all yemeni girls are evil
    only 98% are

    may god bless us with one of the 2%

    Please accept my best regards and thank you very much
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  19. Azal

    Azal قلم ذهبي

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    In short: Di7bash is suffring love story.
    My brother it is not the end of the world.. and story like that must not to effect your fear and makes you
    generalize all what happen with you to all others.

    I am sure when you become fine you opinion will be comletely diffrent..

    best regards