What You Are

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  1. Thunder Girl

    Thunder Girl عضو

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    You are my sun shining my day,
    You are my star so far away,
    You are the smile that brightens my world,
    You are my strength for then I stood,
    You are my warmth on a cold winter day,
    You are my dream when I drift far away,
    You are the blossom which I encounter each day,
    You are the happiness coming my way,
    You are the one I so long to see,
    You are the hope looking at me,
    You are always there when I needed you by,
    You are always there and you will never say goodbye.
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  3. تميم العابد

    تميم العابد عضو

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    thanx very much
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  5. عمر السقاف

    عمر السقاف عضو متميّز

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    I feel that these poem is full of emotions like my heart
    so i cannot express my emotions toward it
    thanks a lot
    Dr omar