A Troubled Mind

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  1. Thunder Girl

    Thunder Girl عضو

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    One day I sat, there all alone
    Wondering why the world’s so cruel?
    I gazed up at the sky so late at night
    Into the dark space glittering with light
    Those are the stars I so long to see
    And the moon to the left looking at me
    I thought I saw, and heard it say:
    Why are you looking so down, my lady?
    I began to answer, but soon I backed out
    The reason was, I myself had no answer to that.
    But then it hit me, like a knock on the head
    I was afraid of the future, and what it beholds
    That I soon would have to leave my beloved home
    Out to a world that has no mercy
    I soon will discover and shall have to accompany.
    But that’s nothing compared to the lonely nights
    Being in a stuffy room with no family or friends
    Only the smelly odor of the books that I shall have to study
    And my good-for-nothing roommate who’s not among the living
    But look on the bright side, I’ll be back
    With the highest degree that they’ll ever see
    And then I shall earn everyone’s respect
    And live my life with great aspects
    It isn’t all that bad, I soon had to say
    The world is a tough place
    But I sure am tougher!
    I thanked the moon for returning me to my senses
    And I rushed back in before I had a cold
    “Aaaaaatchooo!” oops it was too late!
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  3. تميم العابد

    تميم العابد عضو

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    thank you sister