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  1. det313

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    salam every body here


    do you know what is a best friend?
    a best friend is a secret sharer
    a best friend is a great consultant
    a best friend is a comfort giver
    a best friend is like a diamond
    a best friend is always care
    a best friend is always share
    a best friend makes you smile
    a best friend is loving,carring,sweet and true
    a best friend is someone just like you
    thanks for being my best friend for my lifetime

    det313 luv u all
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  3. yemenreform

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    Cry not for me, for I'll see no dawn
    my blood runs cold, my soul is gone.
    No more no light will my eyes but see,
    no starlit night nor moonlight be.

    Cry not for me for I can not hear,
    for sound escapes the dying ear.
    Swept along the halls of dead,
    with cries of pain and moans of dread.

    Cry not for me for I am no more,
    my way has left through the shining door.
    The path doth run read with blood
    A raging torrent, a charnel flood.

    Cry instead for those who stay,
    for without the hope there is no way.
    From ages past and lands before,
    A hand awaits to open the door.

    Cry instead for those that stay,
    for I am dust and blown away

    how do you like this one?a
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  5. samiah

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    Make sure you write the word "Copied" when posting a topic from a different website, and When quoting an article, story, poem, review or any written material, you must mention the author, if known to you

    take a look to the Rules of the english forum, this is my first notice to you, the next time i am going to have to close your topic

    as you know we have a poem section pinned, it's alway nice to post your poem there
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  7. Di7bash

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    I really really like the idea of putting "copied" before the topic of a copied post.