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  1. الشاب عادل

    الشاب عادل قلم ماسي

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    For this topic..

    I wrote an answer and it got deleted so here it goes

    Why these people were picked for it? On what basis? Not saying they're not qualified...but why them

    what about other people? Could you have an explanation instead of just deleting my comment?? Under what world this forum operates?
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  3. Rita Alshoaibi

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    dear brother adel,

    i said already sorry for deleting and i explained why in the "box" ; because u have written there, i think u read the "sorry" for that too.

    u told another guy here: because the topics should look nice and not always has to be a fight inside
    it will be always like that now - that the thread will be closed and the comments and fights are in something else.

    the answer is standing already in the topic:
    Team members will be subject to change/add if necessary”:

    thank u so much and
    jumamah mubaraka