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    Truth is the light,... which even a blind can see,
    Truth is neither an illusion nor a mirage of a sea!

    Truth is a reality ,.... it’s only a proven fact,
    Truth is not a magic, a trick , or any clever act!

    Truth is the beauty , could be seen by the heart,
    Truth is not a game that is played with the darts!

    Truth is a blessing , a guidance from our mighty Lord,
    Truth is the justice ; brings soul & mind in accord!

    Truth is a power that becomes the confidence of a meek,
    Truth is not a conqueror,.who always defeats the weak !

    Truth is a gift, you like to share with your friend,
    Truth is not a weapon,. to put your foe to an end!

    Truth is the intelligence working behind every creation,
    Truth is not a superstitious tale , or fictitious animation!

    Truth is a bride, a character, the pride of a human,
    Truth is not a whore that sleeps with every other man!

    Truth is the dream, that comes true, before your eyes,
    Truth is not a lie,which is wrapped within thousand lies!

    Truth is a belief, that shines all through your way,
    Truth is not a myth, that will once ,lead you astray!

    Truth is a sincere prayer that sets Adam free of sins,
    Truth is not the Satan who always thinks that he can win!

    Truth is what the Ibrahim once longed from the Sire ,
    Truth is not what might have been burnt in the fire!

    Truth is like the wisdom with which the David ruled,
    Truth is not the treasure for which hunters are fooled!

    Truth is like li’le Musa who escaped the Pharaoh’s will,
    Truth is not any worldly order to let an innocent kill!

    Truth is the ever lasting kingdom of humanity on earth,
    Truth is not the civilizations perished by the Lord’s wrath!

    Truth is that honesty with which we try and find,
    Truth is not the ego that always haunts our minds!

    Truth is that Truth,which is the Truth of it's time,
    Truth is not to wait for, until it's End of Times!
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    thanks for sharing, sister
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    in a war of all against one, here she goes and stand unbroken

    the great Rita

    thank u sister, u really bring life to this forum

    and that is the truth