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    Eyes can tire quickly, especially when working in front of the computer. When we are concentrated and focused on things near us (on the computer screen or while reading), our eyes are more or less fixed in one constant position.

    That restricts the ciliary muscle strongly in its mobility – this is the muscle around the lens of the eye which moves it and changes its shape, thereby controlling visual focusing.

    The lens becomes more tense and thicker when we are focusing things that are far away from us and is relaxed and flat when we are focusing objects that are near us. Frequent and long-lasting strain on one side is also harmful for the eyes: visual acuity and flexibility of the eyes may decrease when all we do is “stare” at a nearby object.

    Here are some exercises you can perform in between periods of work in order to keep the ciliary muscle moving and thus maintain lens flexibility – which, in turn, helps to maintain and improve the visual acuity.

    * Look up from your work from time to time and cast your eyes in the direction of something further away. Look at the ceiling, out the window, at the picture hanging on the opposite wall and so on. Concentrate on what you see and sharpen your focus.

    * Make positive use of interruptions such as phone calls to let your gaze wander to and from different things in your surroundings. Choose varying distances to make the exercise even more effective.

    * Perform real eye exercises from time to time. Hold your pen or thumb at a distance of about 15 centimeters from your eyes and focus on it. Then look at something further away and then again at the pen/thumb and so on.