Advanced Level of How to solve a mystery

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    Dear Ladies & Gents,
    Taking a moment to examine what the essence of life consisted of might take us to an endless record of contradictive tales. Some of these are directly connected to physical systems (reasonably) , some other are barely related to such and can hardly be explained in a logical manner, but some other are not connected to any type of scientific logical order and we admit their existence and effect on us. One of these non-connected types is simply called Magic.
    Magic is the art of affecting the manifest through the Unmanifest. The manifest is all that can be seen, touched, perceived, manipulated, imagined, or understood. The Unmanifest is none of these things. It is the place, or rather the non-place, from which everything issues. All that comes into being comes from the Unmanifest. All that passes away goes back to the Unmanifest. This includes each human soul. This passage between manifest and Unmanifest, which is called the veil of unknowing, is completed by ideal forms, not material substances. Thus, trying to gather all of these unmatchable acts can finally lead your little brain to one final way, “Mystery”.
    Once we arrive at this result, we psychologically believe that decoding such a thing needs supernatural powers to be used.
    Actually, the point that I am trying to click on is “There should be always existing reasons laid behind magical mysterious actions.”

    I tried to attache a PPT zipped file which could give you the key to start thinking of how mysterious things operate weaknesses of human beings abilities, but I couldn't do so...
    Sorry, guyz...

    Discussion is opened.