Anti Islam Groups on American Campuses

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    Anti Islam Groups on American College Campuses

    From Dr. Omeish's Site

    During the week of October 22-26, 2007, right-wing and neo-conservative political forces led by the David Horowitz Freedom Center are calling for “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” events on campuses across the U.S. (for a list of campuses and speakers, see below).If this event is coming to your campus or neighborhood - and even if it’s not - speak out against this racist assault on Muslims, Arabs, Arab-Americans, South Asians and anyone viewed as sympathetic towards those communities.

    While some people might dismiss the neo-conservatives as fringe elements who don’t impact on U.S. policy, the truth is much more disturbing. They are part of an alliance of forces that work to maintain the war against Iraq, escalate the standoff with Iran into military conflict, and cement Israel’s hold on the occupied Palestinian territories and violations of Palestinian human rights through a system of apartheid rule. The stakes are simply too high to ignore, and we should respond to the so-called “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” - and to all such provocations - pro-actively, not defensively

    My comment:

    They think they're with their stupid ideas are scaring people from Islam??? NO, lots of students are asking more about Islam :) and I hope students on American Campuses take the time to make Dawwah and at the time they spread hatred, we spread peace :)

    What kind we do??:
    Please email them...and thank THEM for the service that they are doing to Islam...which is bringing more people to Islam...this way, they'll die in their anger :D:D
    Their Site
    Please contact

    : "يريدون أن يطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم ويأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره ولو كره الكافرون".
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  3. Hunting-Lover

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    War on Islam is coming from many different sites, and it is not the first time nor the last. They won't be able to turn the light of allah off, and Islam is taking places everywhere. They do that because Islam spreads all over the world, and the thing they're fighting for is Dunia.
    What we should do as muslims, whether in the U.S. or not, is calling people to Islam, and show them what Islam is about, and also we keep in mind that our behaviors are essential in changing their thoughts and ideas towad Islam.
    Thanks alot Adel