A Letter toThe American People and Conscience of The Free World

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    To American People...

    To All World Free Nations ...

    We the members of World Association for Arab Translators and Linguists are Arab academics, intellectuals, translators, writers, poets, and activists concerned about our Arab nation's issues concerns express our opposition and remonstrance to the U.S.A policies which supports the Israeli massacres against the unarmed innocent Palestinian people.
    As leaders and members of the modern Arab renaissance movement. We believe that the current policies of the U.S.A will not sow seeds of peace and security, but only the fair action can achieve security in the Middle East and for the United States of America.
    The U.S.A claims of trying to plant peace, democracy and justice have been unmasked but our Arab world was the soil where U.S.A planted thorns tension and violence.
    The U.S.A drawls all the time about its deep rooted respect for humanity and human rights but the reality of its actions proves the opposite. We wonder how U.S.A disregarded the principle of not to increase the suffering of friends or foes, but to ease their pain and despair.

    The U.S.A foreign policy towards Arab issues gave any good but made the bad situations worse. It caused tremendous loss of human life, the additional deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilians as well as crumbling Arab infrastructure.

    The U.S. which loudly criticized Iraq for seeking weapons and occupied it for the claims mass destruction while it is preparing to develop a new series of nuclear weapons. The United States will abdicate its voice to call for nonviolent resolution of other conflicts particularly Palestinian- Israel.

    The U.S.A acts and policies will not increase security for the United States and other Middle East countries. It will increase the already rising tide of anti-American sentiment, broaden the divide between the West and the Arab world, and further destabilize the whole region by kindling more anger feelings against it. In addition, the U.S.A policies will likely put at risk the American interests in Arab region only but in all Muslim World.

    It is our belief that the main problem with U.S. policies in the Middle East (in particular in Iraq, Palestine, and other countries in Arab World) is precisely the double standard and prejudice.

    As a matter of fact, the oppressive practices and policies of U.S.A created enemies not only in the Arab World but exceeded to the Muslim World, which see the U.S. A as a staunch ally of Israel, even when it violates all international resolutions or kills innocent women and children.

    The American administration still live in illusion of it is the sole world polar world, they should get vigilant that there is a steady rise of other effective international powers and that the delusion of the high-handed policy that the US followed as a super power is no longer acceptable to the international community.

    Actually our conscience is bleed by the acts of injustice that the U.S.A. and its Israeli ally committed against the Palestinians.

    What is happening in Palestine and particularly in Gaza is a blunt inhuman degrading treatment. It is a torture cruel practice against unarmed innocent people.

    What Gaza witnessing now is a crime against humanity, it is a flagrant example of genocide against a nation striving under brutal Israeli occupation. It is against all human principles, religious beliefs and international conventions.

    There was there a time when the U.S.A administrations succeeded in deceiving the world and gaining respect and admiration worldwide for its false calls about safeguarding human rights and democracy, but now the crimes of U.S.A allover the world exposed the reality of its aims.

    It is worthy to mention that US exports to Arab countries achieved a record of $35 in 2006. So, the US administration should recognize the fact that it stands to win a great deal by being fair and even-handed in its relations with the Arab world and its issues. Otherwise, it will continue to lose billions of dollars in trade and investment opportunities allover the world.

    Now there is no alternative in front of the U.S. administration but understanding that as long as it remains committed to a one-point agenda of looking at the Arab world from the Israeli perspective, its approach toward our region will continue to be biased, even such a policy will lead to harm to the U.S.A national interest.

    Thus, the American persistence and total silence is a message that tells the world: U.S.A is a real enemy of humanity, justice and democracy.

    Despite some initial skepticism, we still have some hope that the American people may manacle the U.S. administration's killing machine in Arab region.

    We know that some wise minds in the United States support our legal and fair requests.
    We hope that they will consider our words, recall how much issues are at stake in the Arab world, and ponder how costly silence and mixed signals when our children are killing by Israel bloody hands under the witness of U.S.A.
    In our letter we nowhere blame the American people but our accusing finger is basically pointing toward the U.S. administration.

    The hope is still alive that the American people can refurbish that repugnant image, if fair people join hands working for achieving real peace and justice.

    This letter is also addressed to all free countries and nations, we invite them to act in solidarity to take all possible actions to save the Palestinian children and support all good efforts to end the suffer of Palestinian people in Gaza and all occupied Palestinian regions

    World Association for Arab Translators and Linguists ​