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  1. mummy

    mummy عضو فعّال

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    [grade="DEB887 D2691E A0522D"]If I call you friend,
    You will always share a piece of my heart.
    I will always pride myself,
    To always be true to you.
    As much as I need friends,
    So must you.
    I will also share a place in your heart,
    To be there whenever you need me.
    I may not be there in flesh,
    But I will always be there in spirit.
    I will cope with your moods,
    And try to understand your needs.
    When you are angry,
    I will laugh with you.
    As sadness overwhelms you,
    We will cry together.
    If you feel down and kicked,
    I will pick you up and brush away your doubts.
    When you think you can't continue,
    I will remind you that you can.
    As you become discouraged,
    I will boost your ego high.
    At times when you wish to talk,
    My attention will be all yours.
    Being a friend I don't take lightly,
    It's my desire, never a chore.
    At times when you must mourn,
    I shall mourn with you.
    If you need some silence, yet not be alone,
    We will sit together in the peace of quiet.
    When you wish to play,
    You will always have a playmate.
    When you feel on top of the world,
    I'll pat your back and tell you, you deserve to be.
    You will never be completely alone,
    A piece of me will always be with you.
    One thing I can always give,
    Is the gift of friendship for you to accept.
    Allow our friendship to make you smile,
    Bring joy to your life as you have to mine.
    When you become confused and lose your way,
    Let me guide you in the right direction.
    Lean on me when you need support,
    Let me share your sorrow and pain.
    What good can a friend really be,
    If you can't understand we will always care.
    If I call you friend,
    You will always know,
    A friend you have in me.
    Thank you. Hugs[/grade]

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  3. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    thank u so much
    i always like to read ur post, because it has deep and meaningful words inside

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  5. mummy

    mummy عضو فعّال

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    What i can say

    really thank you so much
    thats so kind of U
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  7. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    That was really so nice words which touch my heart whenever I read them...Thanks mummy for sharing such beautiful things


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  9. YemeniQueen

    YemeniQueen مشرف سابق

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    That was really nice! Shukran ya akhi for sharing that beautiful poem with us.
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  11. mummy

    mummy عضو فعّال

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    one word make me live
    one word make me die

    your words make me live
    dear SIS ​