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    Nature, to me, is beauty incarnate
    Beaming with pride as the sun shines on the valleys
    And oceans below
    It nurtures all life, breathing its will onto the masses within it
    A common bond follows this, which all the animals know

    The rolling stream, clashing against the rocks so hard
    The bristling of the trees, magic wind purifying the ear
    The silent valleys surveying with its own wild card
    Bowing to no one, and yet full of great cheer

    But beauty is not just in the picturesque valleys and unreachable peaks
    It is also in the rhythm of life created by each separate creature under the sun
    With every sound and movement nature speaks
    As if all is joined together as one

    Humanity needs to take heed of this fact
    For we neglect to unify under a common good
    We become selfish at times, quick to act
    On our own impulses, as if we think we should

    God wanted us to become brothers and sisters
    Planting the seeds of goodness within us all
    But the evil within us is something that deters
    Our search for a common good a common call

    We look at nature as something that is beastly, something savage
    Yet each animal is simply surviving, meeting its needs
    We have become too passive, and the gifts of materialism have ravaged
    Our ability to love one another, to help each other to breathe

    So I confess that this is a problem that is difficult to remedy
    That has been prevalent throughout the sands of time
    But there is hope for all mankind by simply looking at a tree
    Seeing it grow and nurture many others in kind.

    by:Joesph Andrew Miller

    broaden ur senses to experience the beauty of life

    dissolve your ego to see the significance of the most un-noticed yet the most precious.

    get indulged in it's immense to feel relief of it's complications

    be happy to live in oder to live to preosper