without you i am nothing

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  1. بلال مرشد

    بلال مرشد عضو

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    How's life?
    Today is a beautiful Sunday. suddenly. i miss my mom voice, her smilling face when she speaks to me, and her smoth heart. When she answered my call, i feel like i'm there. Talking together with all my family members, not only my sister and my brother. I can imagine my house, its garden and flowers inside it. All of this make me enable to resist the desire to be at home as soon as possible.

    I told her that after i finish my study, i'll come back home. For this time, please pray for me to pass the exam and get good marks for all courses. I almost set to cry when i heard my mom said that she really really miss me. But she advises me to be strong and brave to face this situation because it's for my own shake, for my future. Then she added that i had to study hard if i want to pass the exam and get good marks.

    After talking with mom, i feel more better. It can refreah my mind and give more extra power inside me. I promise myself to face it with all power i have..
    but you know sometime i miss my mother so much, i cant do anything at that time and when i call her the missing become stronger then before and make me weak.i dont know..... But what can i do ...nothing..nothing at this time.....but i hope i hope i hope that i can do something for you mom at that time .i will do my best to realize your dreams mom but plz forgive me if i ,,,not
    I MISS YOU MOM!!!!

    ,this e-mail MADE special for ME
    for YOU

    Best Wishes
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  3. الشاب عادل

    الشاب عادل قلم ماسي

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    Thanks for sharing this piece of Love art to your mother, may God keep her for you brother

    الـشـــ المعزبي ــاب
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  5. أبو مقصو

    أبو مقصو قلم فضي

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    thanks :D

    but i don't miss my mom or my brothers
    I miss my friends, my street, my room and other silly things :D:D:D

    thanks again for sharing